Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Real Housewives Guide

I have long been a Real Housewives fan since my brother discovered RHO New Jersey on UK Channel 4, late on Sunday nights, many years ago.


A couple of years later Real Housewives of Orange County started on another channel followed by RHO New York, Washington DC, Beverley Hills, Atlanta and Vancouver.

Bravo's series also include other areas which are not currently available on ITV2 (UK) and thank god for that. I'm struggling to keep up.

DC wasn't very popular here - Housewives were too smart and savvy whereas on the other hand you had O.C which has a very tanned and blonde cast who switch sides more often than I do at bedtime but I have grown to love the OC Housewives and Tamra and Vicki are my loves.

Hey Homewrecker! has finally discovered the joys of Real Housewives and I hope the joy long continues!

Each series has a Leader, a 'victimised' housewife and endless rows and tears.

Real Housewives shows on ITV2

RHOC's Vicki and Tamra have been there from the start. Their relationship has been turbulent, to say the least, but as of the end of the last series, they are bosom buddies again. (Tamra in pink, Vicki in peach) Alex (in red) really didn't get on with Tamra and Vicki or Gretchen (mint green) and it's only now that she's kind of 'back in the fold'. How long for though?

RHoNY has the ever dramatic Ramona (those eyes!) you can't help but love her. The 'Countess' (title by marriage although now divorced and remarried) has released some seriously questionable music videos, ones featuring the Housewives themselves, and is a little bit shifty. I liked her when she first came on, no nonsense attitude but now I'm not so sure. Tall, blonde Alex, can be easily offended and her husband, Simon, can be a little chauvinistic. The other Housewives would agree. Their children are naughty. (Alex right, Ramona second from right, LuAnn, the Countess, second from left)

Watch video:

RHoA - Atlanta. What can I say. Best Real Housewives series. Atlanta is apparently the Black New York, full of celebs, music moguls and there are some very strong characters in this series, very strong. Nene Leakes, tall, Amazonian and quite frankly fabulous, was and is the star of the show. Phaedra Parkes is a small in stature but large in nature. I would not like to get other bad side. Phaedra is a lawyer and married to Apollo. As it stands, Apollo is in trouble with the law and not for the first time either. Money fiddling. Scenes of insanity were bandied about last series, 'Gone with the wind fabulous!' Is one to see. Kim met her gorgeous husband, Kroy Biermann, and had like 4 babies in no time. Kim and Nene were BFFs until it all fell apart and we all felt sad. I live in hope that they will get back together. Kandi, famous R&B(?) singer also features. I love her. She tried her best to help Kim in the studio but it wasn't really to be. Kim had a hit song though; 'Tardy for the Pardy'. (Nene far right, Phaedra far left, Kandi 2nd left, Kim is the white one)

Kim's song:

RHoBH - Lisa Vanderpump is my favourite. Lisa and husband Ken ooze glamour Dynasty style. I adore this pair. They have been married for a long time, a very long time, record standards in America. Kyle Richards and her sister, Kim, are polar opposites. Kyle, a brunette, appears to be quite grounded, whilst Kim, a child star, has her fair share of large, documented issues. Kyle and Kim's sister is Kathy Hilton - Mum to Paris and Nicky. Other BH housewives include Camille Grammar, ex-wife of 'Frasier' Kelsey Grammar and Brandi Glanville, who was insane, mother of Dean Cain, of TV Superman fame's children before he got with LeeAnn Rimes. Brandi stirred up a lot. I think she just got bored. Adrienne Maloof was brilliant, married to (now ex) plastic surgeon husband Paul, they had a few issues and split and still fight but I loved this pair. Plastic but fabulous. (L Camille, Adrienne, Lisa and Kyle R - Brandi, 3rd right Kim)

RHoNJ was the first one I saw and after a long break it's back on TV. It was drama drama drama in the first series. Danielle Staub just didn't get on with any of the Housewives and it turned quite vicious at times. At the end of the series, Danielle left but so did Caroline's sister Dina. This show is all Italian-American. Families, matriarchy and tears. Teresa Guiduice has fallen out with her brother Joe and they have fallen out big time. Teresa has a fiery temper and is fiercely loyal. Teresa and her husband, also called Joe, have had a hard time lately. Dodgy financial dealings or something. They have four girls with Italian sounding names - Audriana, Milliana etc. Jacqueline is the sweetest thought, genuinely cares and tries to solve conflict the right way without getting on sides. She had a hard time of it herself with Show Mama, Caroline, in the first season.

(L-R Jacqueline, Teresa, Caroline, Kathy and Melissa)

ITV2 has only screened one season of RHoDC so far, I liked it, I love West Wing and all that White House drama so to see real life DC was quite exciting. The cast was subdued compared to the others series, it didn't have the constant bitching or tears and didn't win too many fans.
(R - Michelle)


But the man who brings them all together at the end of each season to fight it out is the lovely Andy Cohen!

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  1. I used to love real housewives of new York but I never liked the countess. There was something about her. I loved the dark haired one on the left, but couldn't stand the one on the far right (Alex?) For the same husband/children/generally weak womenness of her.

  2. I am ridiculously addicted to the real housewives, i watched it really late one night when i was ill and couldn't and still can't believe the delusion of danielle, i've been hooked on them all since xx