Sunday, 19 May 2013

Michaelangelo's Perfect Man

I went to see Whitesnake and Journey this week in Belfast.  Whitesnake were amazing and Journey were good. Sadly Whitesnake is more to my taste and since they were co-headlining with Journey, should have gone on last because Journey were just too tame after Whitesnake's performance and everybody started leaving early. Me included. No, I don't feel bad. At all.

Anyway, the Bassist for Whitesnake is beautiful:

 Here he comes,  in all his glory...


Michael Devin
Long hair and beards are fabulous.

David Coverfield (Whitesnake) was fantastic, aged 61! Beautiful hair:


And Arnel Pineda, from Journey:

Fantastic vocals, would suggest  less of the eye blinding light show the next time though, I thought I was going to lose my sight. Not really, but it was too bright and flashy. Whitesnake and Thunder did it right, sounded better too.

ANYWAY!  Review over.

You have now seen a beautiful man.



So I talked about 'Rando', a random photo sharing app, where you can send photos to a random person somewhere in the world and receive a random photo back from a different person somewhere else in the world. 

Send a photo, receive a photo. That's how it works.  You can't save photos direct to your phone so I captured some screen shots.  

What I have noticed so far is that a lot of randos come from South Korea, literally random pictures, and 'selfies' come from America.

Let's get started!

Randos sent:

Randos received:

Random right? Get the app for  your phone! Oh, and while you're at it, get Snapchat.  Hurry up! Technology moves super fast.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Gelly Nails and STUPID NAMES

Currently I have lovely lilac nails, 'Prickly Pear' by Barry M.

Not my nails...

Since when has 'prickly pear' been lilac.

This brings me to the ridiculous names used by cosmetic companies today. I understand 'Red', 'Dark Red' 'Baby Pink' etc. I don't understand 'Prickly Pear', 'Fusion', 'Disco', 'Fury' etc

Imagine you're watching 'Mask' where Rocky is describing to blind Diana (Laura Dern) what colours feel like:

  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    I need to show you something.
  • Diana Adams
    What are you doing?
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    Just hold on a second.
  • Diana Adams
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    Right here. Sit down.
    Hold out your hands...
    Ready? Wait.
  • Diana Adams
    What is this?
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    Hold on a second! Damn!
    Wait a second. I got it right here.
    OK, ready?
  • Unknown
    No, what?
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    This is blue.
  • Unknown
    It's freezing!
  • Diana Adams
    It's blue?
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    This is green.
  • Diana Adams
    I think I understand.
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    Hold on!
    Shit! Sorry, Diana.
  • Diana Adams
    It's OK, I say that all the time.
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    You do?
    Put those down.
    This is red.
  • Diana Adams
    Ah! It's red?
  • Roy L. 'Rocky' Dennis
    When it cools down, it'll be pink.
  • Diana Adams
    Rocky, I understand!

Imagine trying to describe today's stupidly named products to Diana.  Rocky would have a hard time.

Now...Pears are green and therefore I assume prickly pears are also green but spiky. (talking about average pears here, not Asian pears which are white.)

Prickly Pears

OK I was wrong but dude! They are not lilac.

I propose we put an end to ridiculous names to nail varnishes and lipsticks but if anyone is offering, I'd love Tom Ford's 'Bitter Bitch' nail polish.  I'll leave you to decide what colour that might be.


Monday, 6 May 2013

May Bank Holiday plus 1 and Rando

Today was fabulous and I am equally excited to be off tomorrow too!

This is a short post as I have to upload some photos but people! I discovered a new app for iPhone and Android that is rather interesting.

Meet Rando.

Visit here for a brief introduction. If you do get the app be sure to allow location so people can see where in the world the picture was taken.

Happy snapping!