Monday, 30 July 2012

31 Day Photography Challenge!!

Thrift Shop Commando is having a 31 day photography challenge starting from 1st August. I am so in:

Bicycles and 30 Day Challenges

Today is the LAST day of the challenge! Unfortunately, as you know,  I abandoned it due to lack of photography equipment (I didn't think to use my iPhone). The camera has returned but it's too late, unless I cram in 30 days worth into one day?

Head over to Thrift Shop Commando to see her awesome photos throughout the challenge, I think Hey Homewrecker! has also done the challenge - we shall soon see!

I'm thinking of doing another challenge but will make up the challenges myself. Bokah is definitely a good option though.

I haven't been out in my beloved jelly shoes yet because it has been raining or I have been lying down everywhere.  I tell a lie... I bought a bicycle! and I LOVE IT.

It even has a basket that goes on the front that is detachable. Penny just about fits in it so I ordered a proper dog basket which came with this awful, plastic bracket so that went back and I'm going to order another one that doesn't resemble a death trap. I am just determined that the two of us will have good times together.

I've been out on it every single day since I've had it (just over a week now) I'm getting better at going in a straight line. Just move out of the way if you see me (or my socks and sandals- Flimsy Cup's favourite fashion sense) first.

Anyway, I was in town and saw the coolest lift, ever. It was in White Stuff and I was truly awed:

Vladimir Tretchikoff - King of Kitsch
What can I say. This is easily, the most awesome lift I have seen so far in my life.  Beautiful.

I wandered about and saw this:  Wish I'd bought it now.  Will go back in and see if I can get it. Marks and Spencer's

THEN - I got my Anarkitty print framed. At long last! Here it is:

It's quite large, and now has pride of place on my bedroom wall.  It is the 1st print out of the batch. I am so proud. 

That's it. All my news, oh, we did have a few days of sunshine which was truly delightful. I went on the train to Bangor, NI, and the weather was fabulous. The trains were air conditioned!! 

That's me.  I have to go and fight with my study group where our only means of communication is via a thread. That's so 2004. We have a deadline this Thursday. It's not going very well, I seem to be the only one who knows a) what a wiki looks like and b) how to reference properly.  However, I AM going to LONDON! Friday to Sunday and I couldn't be more happy. 

I shall post pictures of my trip up when I return.

Peace out Earthlings 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

First (ever) driving lesson...

Tonight Dad drove me an hour away, to a disused airfield, to show me the basics of driving. At first I did pretty well, managed fine considering I had never, ever driven before until I 'stopped funny' and the car juddered to a halt.

My Dad, bless his soul for trying to teach me, stayed calm but I could feel the tension and it was making me nervous. After that I kept focusing on the accelerator, obsessed with watching the rpm, instead of the clutch and at one point I went over 10mph and seriously panicked. I was trying to ask how to 'brake right' without screaming in sheer panic. It was terrifying.

I drove up the air strip one last time at a reasonable 6mph and remembered how to brake and that was it. I couldn't take any more. I'm pretty sure my dad couldn't either. He shot out of the passenger seat like a bullet.

Even thinking about the experience 2 hours on makes me break out in a cold sweat.

I think I'll stick to public transport for now.

*reaches for the tranquillisers*

Socks and Sandals

At their finest....I shall post up more socks & sandals photos for you fans!

My Jelly Shoes Have Arrived!!!!

I am so excited. Such a shame it's raining outside though.

Juju jellies from eBay.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

'The Twelfth' - a mid-year single day holiday. Paid.

How glad am I that we're off on a holiday today. I'm off until 18th! A combination of time owed and "working from home." I went to bed ridiculously early at 8.30pm last night and surfaced just after noon today.

I went to the Royal Hospital yesterday for a speech therapy consultation and it was some journey trying to find the place. It was in the old building, out the back of the Children's hospital, which is beautiful. I love the stone floors, wooden banisters and high ceilings with cornices. Even the x-ray room was brilliant with painted animals and The Wizard of Oz on tv and even the TV was amazing!

All fine, just got to endure an endoscopy, a tube down my nose, and then hopefully I can start some speech therapy.

On a gross note, Dad went and killed a rabbit and Mum was on the Internet trying to find out how to cook it. He swore blind there was no dead rabbit in the garage and bet £200 on it. I'm rich! Except I don't think I'll ever see the cash. Ever. I really want a pair of jelly shoes and £200 would buy me a lot of jelly shoes. I am a socks and sandals fan.

Today has been sunny and gorgeous for the first time in ages, I can smell BBQs (or bonfires). We're not a country to pass up the opportunity of a summer's day. Out come the rusty BBQs, the grass cut, the food is burnt (and the people). Dad has this huge tent up in the back garden 'to air'. Cheap holiday I suppose. Mum's head is full of camping ideas 'as long as there are toilet facilities nearby.'.

I am very, very close to getting my allotment back. Its a waiting game at the moment but here's what it looks like:

Terrible. I shall restore it to it's former glory.

And last but not least; the 30 Day Challenge! I am sad. First it was a memory card issue then the camera broke. It's with the manufacturers at the moment and I am terrified they won't return it. *fingers crossed*.

I'm attempting to blog on my phone so going to publish this and have a look.

Happy day off people!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

30 Day Challenge Abandoned!

I have had to abandon the 30 day challenge due to sheer bad luck with my camera.  First the memory card messed up, got a new one and now my camera refuses to focus.

Have tried to phone customer services but their hours are week days only and until 4pm.  I am sad.

But please, continue to take part in the challenge. I really want to see what others have taken pictures of.

Here's hoping the camera issue will be sorted.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I am in desperate need of a house or a mansion so that I can go out thrifting and not feel bad about it. Here are two blogs you MUST follow if you are a fan, one is USA based and the other in Northern Ireland.

Thrift Shop Commando and Hey! Homewrecker.

Thrifting is a talent, a valuable skill to have and I bow down to these Hunters.

Linda from Hey! Homewrecker took me out thrifting a few weeks ago and I came back with some serious gems. The most awesome, huge, pink and white vintage bedspread. I will photo it in the autumn/winter edition. For a meagre £8.00 I could hardly say no.

My talent lies in book hunting. I am a very good collector and will always find the cheapest and best condition. In the last month alone I must have obtained at least 30. I have accepted that I may die before I've had a chance to read through my books but I know they're there and I can think of worst ways to spend my hard earned money.

Thrifers, Respect. 

The Challenge Begins!

The 30 day challenge begins! I have to state two rules to make it fair for all:

* Photos must be taken on the day of the challenge
* NO Instagram/photo shop/programs like that

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with,  I will post up a link at the end of the challenge for you to link your collection to. If you think a daily/weekly post would be better post a comment.

It's the first time I've used InLinkz so bear with me.

Get shooting!