Saturday, 7 July 2012

30 Day Challenge Abandoned!

I have had to abandon the 30 day challenge due to sheer bad luck with my camera.  First the memory card messed up, got a new one and now my camera refuses to focus.

Have tried to phone customer services but their hours are week days only and until 4pm.  I am sad.

But please, continue to take part in the challenge. I really want to see what others have taken pictures of.

Here's hoping the camera issue will be sorted.


  1. AHHH! That darn memory card! I've thought about abandoning the challenge, my photos so far have been pure pants, but i'll keep going in your memory, hope you get your camera card sorted soon xx

  2. Do you have a one-shot camera? You depress the shutter slightly to focus and then depress fully to take the photo.

    Did you format the memory card? I know I had trouble with that at first.

  3. I had huge issues with the memory card, it was faulty and the seller was 'awkward'. Ended up buying a new one and then the camera stopped working. It was on permanent macro mode. Disaster. It's back with the manufacturer now so fingers crossed they will fix it!