Wednesday, 31 October 2012

So it's actually Halloween

And I have three photos for you:

Oh yeah! Badass pumpkin.

And my Halloween viewing:


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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Rabid Cow

Yes please, I would love a cream jug that pukes cream on to my pudding.


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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hallowe'en is comin'

It's Saturday night and town is getting ready to receive the costumed people in their masses.

I, on the other hand, am trying to convince myself to watch a film but my book is very tempting.

Arthur Hailey. I mentioned him a few pages back. I was open mouthed at a sentence yesterday before realising that it had been written in the 60s and not recently. Hailey described a character as: 'a buxom, perpetually cheerful Negress'. and she 'spoke' like she was illiterate and 'stereotypically' had 9 kids, one on the way.

"Why, ah neva felt so important befo in all mah life!"

Because all the white people in the book were well spoken and with important careers.

I've been loving the blog updates from Bartlam - socks and sandals fan, Katrina - a fantastic photographer and
Linda , the best Alan Partridge impersonator I have ever seen.

I bought a small pumpkin today to create a piece of art but expect the usual triangle eyes, nose and mouth. I give my pumpkins ears though. Do you?

The dog is terrified of the bangers and fireworks so I had BBC World Service radio on all night to 'distract' her. I'd be distracted too if I got hours of international politics in my ears. Thankfully(?) my ears don't work anyway so I wasn't kept awake.

Wonder what Penny made of the Berlusconi 'jail term'. He'll never see the inside of a cell. Ever.

Been watching a few American serial killer documentaries lately.

Bartlam is my token American:

Bartlam - do you ever hear of murders by mental people round your way? Like properly orchestrated murders? I really must visit the states someday. I'd love to visit little places with eerie tales. Bartlam - ever visited the Winchester mansion?

I think Bartlam will be my go-to for any American related questions I have.

Discovered a handy app for iPhone for blogging. This.

My newish netbook is really p1ss taking at the moment, so slow, I decided to have a look at the iPad mini. Too expensive for what I want it for and for what it is. Better buying an iPad. But an iPad won't fit in my downsized bag - it will but I can't think like that - so I went and pre-ordered the google nexus 32gb instead. Delivery has been put back a further 3 weeks! The case arrived today too. I put my name in stickers on it. Was going to cancel and just order the iPad but NO! I have my 'personalised' case now.

Ok that was a temporary filler post while I procrastinate and avoid the TV. Doesn't it look pretty though.

Look! America! *waves to Bartlam*

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pizza Express Location

Pizza Express (green pin)

London in Photographs

Here are some of my photos from my London wander: 

The Shard
I still haven't seen the top of the Shard.

The British Musuem

The British Museum were having an American Plant thing going on outside and I quite liked the display. 


Look - A 'Sensitive Fern' aw!

I love these - echinacea flowers. They are dying admittedly but they still look fabulous!

Inside the British Museum:

'Living and Dying' room:

I like this statue - You're most like to see this in the first room you wander in to.  It's in the same room as a lot of weird things including the (fake) Crystal Skull, some coffins and hypodermic needles.

This statue is, of course, one of the Easter Island statues, called 'Moai'. 

I think it looks really cute though I'm not sure that's what they were intended to be.

A Coffin in the 'Living and Dying' themed room - these were made in Ghana.

A Coffin

This display is 'Cradle to Grave' by Pharmocopoeai. Read more about it here.


Tiles with Caligraphic decoration (Islamic World gallery)

I hate to admit that I've forgotten this one but it is connected to Islamic prayers:


Horse Armour!

This Buddha was in the Korea Gallery (as well as the Horse Armour)


Eerie, the head looks so wrong. Here's what I say to those who 'obtained' it thought: 'PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM! 


The corridor leading to the book shop

These things are quite tiny, you could hold them in your fist, the detail of the netsuke are amazing! Most are made from bone or ivory and as much as I want one I'd rather have bone or a fake plastic one. 

Neal's Yard, Covent Gardens

So there you have it - a random selection of photos from my trip to London!

London - Pt 1

At the beginning of October I went to London for a few days - it was for work except work cancelled and I decided to go anyway.

Being overly keen to depart the Emerald Isle I might have arrived too early so I took up residence in the lounge and did my arrowords while waiting for my (tiny) plane.

On the first night (I arrived on a Saturday) I went to The Intrepid Fox (great bar in central London that plays rock/metal) with some people and discovered someone still uses Impulse deodorant. I thought that stuff had died out in the 90s/early 00s. Clearly not. 

David was having a great time, his double whiskey/pint of Guinness to every single Vodka/Redbull I'd had meant that he was away with the fairies by the time we left.

I didn't do very much on the Sunday because I felt sick from imbibing too much Redbull. Never mind the vodka, it was definitely the Redbull. The heartburn was something else.

On Monday I was happy to lie down most of the day, I was still feeling 'off' and I watched 'Helicopter Heroes' - the title says it all.  Everybody was rescued and everybody lived. UK TV is wick.  USA TV is amazing.  I love the program where people bid on lock-ups. Odd but it works. I don't have Sky/Cable so no Honey Boo Boo for me.

Monday evening I went to meet my (twin) brother (photo above) at London Bridge, marveled at the Shard and ate pizza.  The new iOS6 map issue clearly hasn't been resolved as it placed Pizza Express in the middle of the River Thames.  London at night is fantastic. It is a whole different place. I love London in the Autumn. Just before walk beside the Thames you have to walk under two tunnels - The second tunnel is like a light show - sorry for the sh1t photo but you know, the LEDs do move very quick:

On Tuesday I had a few hours to kill (about 6) so I walked everywhere. I am obsessed with the British Museum so went there and visited the other parts I hadn't managed to get to the last 50 times I'd visited. Here are a few teaser shots:

I also went to Pizza Hut in Cambridge Circus, Trafalgar Square, The National Portrait Gallery, St Martins-in-the-Field Crypt, Forbidden Planet, Neal's Yard, Soho, St Giles, Shaftesbury Avenue.

I saw a GOLD postbox - to commemorate a Gold Medalist from the GB Olympics Team - not sure which one lives in Wimbledon but clearly someone does or it was a joke:

I have a lot of photos from London - I tried to make collages but they look naff so I'll put up another page and you can wow at the wonders of the British Museum!

I have the Absolute Classic Rock station on and am loving it.  Proper classic rock today. Just belted my heart out to Bohemian Rhapsody and  few other rock power ballads.  I am currently reading The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx and Narcopolis by Jeet Thayil.