Sunday, 14 October 2012

London in Photographs

Here are some of my photos from my London wander: 

The Shard
I still haven't seen the top of the Shard.

The British Musuem

The British Museum were having an American Plant thing going on outside and I quite liked the display. 


Look - A 'Sensitive Fern' aw!

I love these - echinacea flowers. They are dying admittedly but they still look fabulous!

Inside the British Museum:

'Living and Dying' room:

I like this statue - You're most like to see this in the first room you wander in to.  It's in the same room as a lot of weird things including the (fake) Crystal Skull, some coffins and hypodermic needles.

This statue is, of course, one of the Easter Island statues, called 'Moai'. 

I think it looks really cute though I'm not sure that's what they were intended to be.

A Coffin in the 'Living and Dying' themed room - these were made in Ghana.

A Coffin

This display is 'Cradle to Grave' by Pharmocopoeai. Read more about it here.


Tiles with Caligraphic decoration (Islamic World gallery)

I hate to admit that I've forgotten this one but it is connected to Islamic prayers:


Horse Armour!

This Buddha was in the Korea Gallery (as well as the Horse Armour)


Eerie, the head looks so wrong. Here's what I say to those who 'obtained' it thought: 'PUT IT BACK WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM! 


The corridor leading to the book shop

These things are quite tiny, you could hold them in your fist, the detail of the netsuke are amazing! Most are made from bone or ivory and as much as I want one I'd rather have bone or a fake plastic one. 

Neal's Yard, Covent Gardens

So there you have it - a random selection of photos from my trip to London!

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  1. For four years I visited London on a regular basis and never did anything that might be considered enriching to the soul or the intellect.


    Thank you for sharing...these are great.