Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Terracotta Army Pt.2

Some more of the Terracotta Army figures...

This is my absolute favourite of all the ones there. It's very Kawaii.

OK. I nearly fell sleep just looking at this one.

This looks like those bags a lot of girls have with their names and themselves painted on. Not a fan.

What i want to know is what do those symbols mean? Would love them to be something rude.

Cat Cam

It arrived! Before London!

My *NEW* camera.

Katrina bought one recently and apparently it meows and everything. 

I got jel and bought one for me!

It's literally just arrived so I have no batteries or film yet but will let you know how it goes and will take pictures of the pictures once they've been developed. 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Now I'm really abusing this...

I had to put this picture (below) up for Bartlam, my Token American who has a blog but it's really not easy to get hold of.  I love Bartlam's blog and I wish I could add it to my Feedly list...*hint hint hint hint hint* and that you lovely people could read it too.

Leopard Print Vans.  I am in love. IN LOVE I tell you! Building up a Vans collection.  Getting bored of Converse. Some of the latest designs are just unbeliveably bad.  Stick with Vans.  Good solid shoe.

I also fell for this:

Ok so it's not the Bottle O' Butter but it's the same stuff, in a tub.  I read this (Sunday Times link not available so The Mail will have to do).  It is no longer under £2. You're looking at £10+.  The Tub is cheaper, considerably cheaper but you know, I wanted a bottle. 

Vaseline have also come up with this BRILLIANT moisturiser designed for lazy people like me, it SPRAYS ON! Yes, it's the US website but the stuff is the same in the UK.  I like the Aloe Vera one. I smell fresh. 

So, the story goes, I had spray on aloe vera, smelling super fresh, then later my Tub O'Butter arrived - have to have a go, put some on my arm - THE SMELL! It's divine! People said it was sickly sweet! They must have weird sense of smells. 

Another day passes, I open my Tub O'Butter and put a bit on my arm again and sniff. 'OH GOD. It's sickly sweet!' HOW! Oh... turns out Aloe Vera and Tub O'Butter smell nice together.


Looks good though - the tub.

Anyway - that is me. I think I have said enough.  I have overdue reports to work on now.

If you're going to listen to anything today, listen to:

'Maybe on Monday' by Calexico <3<3<3

Have a good week people!


London Calling (again)


Well, this Friday I am off to London.

All being well.

We all know what happened the last time I tried to go don't we?

The part I am most excited about is HYPER JAPAN! This Saturday myself and a friend are off to Earls Court to revel in J-Pop Culture. OK I lie. I am going to revel in it. He doesn't want to go but my original attendee bailed on me.  He'll be coverted.

I went to the very first one in Brick Lane, and it was small.  The ones after that have just been getting bigger and bigger.  The only downside is that everything is expensive.  You can get some very handy things though like microwavable sushi rice - this is, for people like me, ideal.  Apparently, (for anyone who has a Nintendo DS) they are having a real life Animal Crossing. Don't ask. I'll let you know how that goes.

My tickets were bought ages ago and I have been lovingly caring for them since (paper print out unfortuately, A4 size too for some reason, each.)

I'm in London for a week and have to squeeze in quite a few visits.  One place I am definitely going to is Highgate Cemetery.  It is stunning. You can spend hours in there. I have already visited the East cemetery and the west is tour only. West it is! and East afterwards of course.

I also plan to eat a lot of sushi. Belfast lacks sushi bars and London has sushi bars coming out of it's ears. 

Only vegetable sushi of course, but I am drooling at the very thought of what lies ahead. BAGELS!

I don't really know what else I will be doing though.  I plan to travel around cemeteries and visit museums and galleries.  London is spectacular so I won't be bored.  I can't be bored! My favourite Museum will be visited, The British Museum, I adore this place.  There is a new, free, exhibition on, something to do with Asia, don't ask, but I'm still going.  I have a list coming out of my ears!

Before I bore you to tears or make you insanely jealous, Della and Penny both had Reiki two weeks ago! I know a lady who does all those things and asked if she would do it for my pets.  Della (cat) loved it - she's mellowing in her old age, Penny (dog) on the other hand was very wary of all this. 

I felt that after a few days that there was an improvment with Pen's attitude to Della but who knows, it could be the hot weather.  Hard to tell with animals innit. The novelty is brilliant though.

 Beautiful Della (Brother in the background photobombing)

I am biased, obviously, but doesn't she look fabulous for 13.

Mmm smells goooood!
This is the rose I pass on my daily dog walk and omg. The smell! It's like refreshing with a hint of lemon (don't assume I'm right here - I tend to get things very wrong). I love walking past this house when their rose is in bloom. They probably think I'm casing their joint.

 I have no friends in the office right now as I bought some citronelle essential oil which is SUPPOSED to be 'simulating and uplifting' (as well as being an insect repellent). It smells so bad. It's everywhere, I sprinkled a few drops on a tissue and subsequently splashed myself, my desk, my keyboard...At least I'll be fly free.

On a more POSITIVE note, a lovely lady called Chloee left a lovely comment on one of my last posts (49384 years ago).  Chloee writes a blog called A Day in my Wheels and you know, it's really good. I like her attitude and there are some brilliant photos on there.

Have a nosy! Spread the love.

I'm off to do some work before IS catch on and boot me off.  I think I'll go to Nero and get some more Iced Latte *bounces off walls*

I love you.


Colourful Terracotta Men

So, ONE WORLD CREATIVE came up with this project of painting replica Terracotta army figures and dotting them about.

A similar thing was in London a few years ago where Elephants were placed at various places in London and I tried my BEST to find them all. I got most of them.

This time there are a few of the Terracotta Army strategically placed around the City Hall (We're in Belfast here):

My favourite is the Army Men one, some are pretty rubbish but on the whole interesting to look at.

 I quite like cherry blossoms, but aren't they, kind of, predominately Japanese? Terracotta Army is from China. Unless, the cherry blossoms are, in fact, peonies.  Still looks like cherry blossom to me.

 THOSE EYES!! I'm thinking Big Trouble in Little China here.

 This is one of my favourites - the green army man one.  Apparently people are picking the army men off. Naughty.

Sorry, typical FINGER IN THE WAY job. For anyone who's interested, that's Barry M's gelly shine nail polish in pink (or some ridiculous name like Pomegranate, I think).

Will go and see the rest of them later and see if any more awesome ones crop up.


Be Warned - GARDEN POST!

Hello!  It's been some time since I wrote a post or two and now I have a few to spam you with.  Currently sat at my desk in work and I can't get the text orientation thing to go from left to right, it's prefering centred. 

So I've been busy at the allotment over the last few weeks and here is the result of my bed. The 30ft by 5ft bed. That's all I have, but I'm super proud of it.  OK so the picture is dark but I'm sure you can find someway of seeing it better!                                                                                                           

 Here I have about 40 leeks growing. Look how skinny they are! Someone gave me a huge pot full of baby leeks so I'm going to have to give more than a few away.   Behind the near invisible baby leeks are cauliflowers.  I didn't cover them so they have a bit of a root problem.  Maggots.  Shame really, only one is surviving and there is a wee baby cauliflower growing! Squee!

My Beans - amazing no? They look fabulous as plants, I just don't like the actual beans. I am a pea fan.  They take up plenty of soil space though and feed the soil too with nitrogen (I could be making that up but I'm nearly sure I'm not).

Around the base of the beans are lots of lovely rainbow swiss chard plants.  I was trying to show people how efficient I am with using space wisely even though I don't eat pretty much anything I grow.  I feed the snails instead.  Swiss Chard is so lovely to look at. the stalks range from white to yellow to orange to pink. Fabulous, grow quickly, look good and apparently baby leaves good for salads whilst older leaves akin to spinach.

'Oh WOW Deborah! Your plot looks fabulous!' Oh! thank you. *blushes*

Ooh! Are those shallots? I hear you say? Yes.they.are.  Millions.  I had no idea that you got at least 5 shallots to every bulb. Did you? Neither did I.  I now have a million and will never need to buy another one for the next year or so.  

Shallots anyone? Really?

Meet the masses

So there you have it.  My bed is coming on fabulously well, I'm proud of it. My mission to reclaim the plot is coming on slowly, but I'll get it back. I have to!


Monday, 15 July 2013

It's been so long since my last post...

And I have lots to say but as it is bedtime I'll leave it here and go to sleep.

I have to say I'm am completely disappointed about the end of Google Reader.  Of course I forgot and didn't back anything up.

Now trying out Feedly(?) For a while to see how it goes.  Devastated.

What a shit post!

Here, have a photo to tide you over:

Aw! Squee!