Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Now I'm really abusing this...

I had to put this picture (below) up for Bartlam, my Token American who has a blog but it's really not easy to get hold of.  I love Bartlam's blog and I wish I could add it to my Feedly list...*hint hint hint hint hint* and that you lovely people could read it too.

Leopard Print Vans.  I am in love. IN LOVE I tell you! Building up a Vans collection.  Getting bored of Converse. Some of the latest designs are just unbeliveably bad.  Stick with Vans.  Good solid shoe.

I also fell for this:

Ok so it's not the Bottle O' Butter but it's the same stuff, in a tub.  I read this (Sunday Times link not available so The Mail will have to do).  It is no longer under £2. You're looking at £10+.  The Tub is cheaper, considerably cheaper but you know, I wanted a bottle. 

Vaseline have also come up with this BRILLIANT moisturiser designed for lazy people like me, it SPRAYS ON! http://www.vaseline.us/spray-go/ Yes, it's the US website but the stuff is the same in the UK.  I like the Aloe Vera one. I smell fresh. 

So, the story goes, I had spray on aloe vera, smelling super fresh, then later my Tub O'Butter arrived - have to have a go, put some on my arm - THE SMELL! It's divine! People said it was sickly sweet! They must have weird sense of smells. 

Another day passes, I open my Tub O'Butter and put a bit on my arm again and sniff. 'OH GOD. It's sickly sweet!' HOW! Oh... turns out Aloe Vera and Tub O'Butter smell nice together.


Looks good though - the tub.

Anyway - that is me. I think I have said enough.  I have overdue reports to work on now.

If you're going to listen to anything today, listen to:

'Maybe on Monday' by Calexico <3<3<3


Have a good week people!



  1. You can never go wrong with Animal Prints...never!

    I wish I could provide you with a link to a working blog...a blog that updates in a reader but, as you know...it don't work. Maybe I should put you on the case.

    Any reader of yours is welcome to be a reader of mine. My email is in my profile...send me an email and I will send an invitation. It takes persistence though...cause it don't update.

    I'm posting a video now.

    I wanted a pair of checkered board vans so bad when I was a kid...very SST records at the time.

  2. I love LOVE that leopard printed vans! Think I am buying that too ;)

    Currently listening to the music you put up, like it so far! x