Sunday, 1 April 2012

It is APRIL!

I have been very bad at updating this blog this past month, I can't think of a good enough excuse.

But let us forgive and forget and start by gawping at this photo of a Cabbage Patch lady:

I love this photo so much that I ripped it out of the magazine and framed it.  What it is, sadly, is a lady sitting in a giant pile of cocoa leaves with a gun for protection but doesn't she look content? Going to have to scan this and photoshop it so it never fades and I can have it forever.

Last weekend I went to Nik Naks, with Linda, from fabulous blog Hey! Homewrecker, Gavin and Andrew.  I got a badge that says 'I'm a Postman's Pal' for Penny (good spot Gavin) and Andrew got a box of 30-odd Star Wars cinema beakers from '96. I managed to get one for myself, and have discovered it holds a litre.  A litre of coke is too much. I feel like I'm about to bounce off walls.  We'll definitely be going back, there were some  brilliant things there.

Things I want from this week's Lust List: