Sunday, 11 March 2012

It is MARCH!

That pathetic Winter has gone and in its place is Spring. Not much has happened in the two weeks since I last appeared here but I have been to the Park and David (the twin) is home for the weekend.  I have drooled over hand-painted Eggs by Donna Wilson so less talking and here are the photos:

Welcome to Belfast

I went on one of those City Sightseeing bus tours earlier this week.Typical Belfast weather ensued - the heavens opened and it was cold as.  Can't see myself hopping on one of these things again...ever. I managed to get off it half way and escaped back to work. A better place to be (and warmer).

Took Penny to the Park or rather she took us.  Thank god for leads.

Talk about split second timing.. I am glad to say that Andrew (the younger brother) did not kick Penny, he, in fact, kicked her ball and this was her running for it. Might keep it back to use in the future if he's mean to me.

I went into town with David and Andrew on Saturday:

(That's a bit mean considering I was the one who actually bought something in there but...)



These are the hand painted Eggs I was talking about - Aren't they just fabulous - perfect Easter presents or to hang in the home.  They're not overly expensive if you will remember to bring them out year after year, and let's face it - this little scene is just adorable.  

There hasn't been much lately that makes me think 'I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!' Granted I've spied a few bags but I'm still faithfully using my Le Pliage. I am hankering for a smaller bag but not loving the colours in the shops at the moment. I am a 'winter' and these pastels make me look dead.

 Hi Top trainers are the in thing at the moment, um, have you felt the weight of them? They weigh nothing. That is a crappy shoe.  A good shoe will have a bit of weight. More on that next time. *grumbles*.

Peace out xxx