Saturday, 23 February 2013

I missed the Superbowl!

Hello there!

It's been a while since I posted anything and after reading some terrific posts I decided to attempt a readable post of my own.

I love Art and crafty things and retro/vintage (the real stuff - not eBay's version of 'vintage', made in 2012) but sadly my hands are like clumsy potatoes and my attention span is shocking.  I have never completed anything I've knitted. Ever. Well except maybe a scarf for my dog but it has gone AWOL.  So I find complete satisfaction from reading Hey Homewrecker's (a.k.a Linda) blog.

I love travel writing, reading about different cultures and looking at photos but I can't see beyond the dreariness of Belfast and the daily grind so reading Bartlam's writings cheer me up no end. Fantastic photography is produced by Katrina. I just love her photography.

Here is a photograph of my journey to work:

I read well though. If it involves my 100% polyester blanket then it will be done well. I read papers daily, books, e-books, blog posts, cereal boxes and shampoo bottles well.

I have only started reading again this morning after FOUR days of forced abstinence. I was down with the sickness but it meant a backlog of things to read!

Does anyone read the Fourtean Times It quite odd but has some fun bits in it like the above 'Lost in the Post' article.  Someone scours the web for this stuff and it's brilliant.

My friend bought me this fantastic night light! Squee! Isn't it just the cutest.


But my dog is trying everything she can to get her teeth on it.  It will have to go if she doesn't STOP! (A postcard of Highclere Castle in the background there a.k.a Downton Abbey) I might have to adopt Rabbit out actually.

Today, whilst remaining bed bound, I have already spent £££ on more books, clothes and renewing my PETA membership.

Sometimes I think the internet is bad.

I was reading a blog by a lady who vowed not to spend for 100 days. She failed on day one.....and day two...and day three etc.  She justified her purchases too which kinda defeated the purpose.

We have all done that though haven't we. G'wan, fess up.

I have two pairs of platform trainers, in town, waiting to be picked up, because, clearly, I have no shoes.  Even though I'm sick, I'd wear them in bed.  That is devotion. Photos for Bartlam in the next week or so!

Oh, and the blog title? Can you believe that?! I completely forgot and turned off my tv. Didn't even record it.

Laters lovelies!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Graphic Novels

Today is SUNDAY and tonight, at 11pm G.M.T,  it's the Superbowl.

It's, one of the million times a year, I wish I lived in America. They know how to do it in style. Nothing is done in moderation over there.

Yesterday I spent most of the day reading,  Wolf Hall is my current challenge,  it's actually quite good, easy  to lose track of which Thomas is which but maybe that's just me. I also finished 'Daniel Clowes - Modern Cartoonist'. I loved this strip:

Jimmy Jupiter, Intergalactic Pedant:

Following on with all things American I am also planning to read this:

DELIVERED from America.   I got two of these competitive eating books from there. I love how there are tiny people, like Kobayashi, who manage to fit more than their body size down their throats.

This week I also secretly stalked someone - well not really, she was walking in front of me and I really wanted her bag:

I am a fan of the leopard print and sadly couldn't get close enough to see the tag. She might not have liked it either.  I'm not short of leopard print bags, or bags for that matter,  but I want that one.  Belfast isn't huge so I'll keep an eye out going to work every morning. #obsessed. I WANT THAT BAG.

I read a great blog post this week from Katrina of The Young Bridget Jones from her short break in Berlin - Graffiti Snaps. The photoautomat looks brilliant.  Bring back the passport photo machines where you can have 4 different snaps.

Why would I want four identical pictures of myself.  Posed passport/licence photos are rarely beautiful so to be reminded of that four times.  I would like to smile in my  photos and as I need a new passport I'll sneak in a smile, Mona Lisa style.

Have a good Sunday! Enjoy the Superbowl.