Sunday, 24 June 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge

It is soon to be JULY and I am excited to mention my challenge. I recommend everyone giving this a go - the 30 day photography challenge. Anyone can do it if you have 30 exposures.

I plan to start on the 1st July (that memory card had better arrive by then - my camera memory card was faulty and I did send it back and no the new one still hasn't arrived. I can't remember the name of the company but I'll look it up and name and shame them. ) and post my photos on the 31st July. Yes, #20 really does say Bokeh


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Garden Delights

I'm pleased to have made a start on my green house. Long time coming, it still needs half the glass replaced and the door put back on but at least there are things growing in it!  

Inside I am growing plenty of nasturtiums, I do like these. Empress of India is probably my favourite, dark leaves and gorgeous red flowers.  I also have more sunflowers, some beans, tomatoes, violets and in the toilet roll tubes are sweet pea.  Toilet tubes are good for sweet pea because it allows them to grow a good root system and hopefully this means I'll have awesome sweet peas. We'll see.

These are second year strawberries so I am so excited! Second year crops usually taste the best once the plants have established. I have packed the top of the compost with straw because it stops the fruit rotting on wet soil and also keeps the snails away.

I could swear that the world's bee population is in our back garden right now. Mum's beloved thorny bush/plant thing has flowered and there is a party going on in it. I love bumble bees. Without bees there would be no us. Plant bee loving flowers and encourage them to come into your garden. Butterflies love nettles so let those grow too! Then you can use the nettles for some tea. Oh yeah.

Article from the Guardian on the Importance of Bees

Monday, 4 June 2012

In the danger zone

I am in danger of becoming a badly dressed person, not even 'in a cool way', and I may have even reached that point already.

Today I am wearing the most awful blue t-shirt - I figure I'm not going anywhere (and why I even own it in the first place?) so I should keep outside-of-house clothes clean, a bright red chunky knit cardigan, black faded jeans (totally ok except the zip refuses to stay up) and...the piece de la resistance - pink and grey tabi socks with flip flops.

I remember the day I chuckled with horror at the very thought of socks with flip flops or sandals.  My Uncle Brian was a big fan of the socks/flip flop combo (he may still be) and I swore that I would never make that mistake.

There isn't even any point defending myself here, even if the socks were made for flip flops.  I don't like shoes when the temperature is over 10 degrees Celsius and I still can't defend myself.

I have to say this though...this is comfort at it's best.

If you see me out and about, don't worry. It's when I start to have food stains down my front that I should be sectioned.

I mean it.

I love. 

Do your bit for ART!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's June!

It is June, Jubilee weekend and I am off for the entire week!!!

I PLAN to:
  • Read a lot
  • Do 3 hours of study a day
  • Watch The Killing
  • Take photos of things 

I just had a go on the camera, and I keep getting 'Card Error!' I'm hoping this is just a joke.

New Camera!

Now that I have a camera life can resume as normal, except if this memory card is faulty then I'm gonna have issues. Big issues. I faffed about with it and took some photos:

Actually normal colour mode and not in B&W

A broken Snow Globe but still awesome

My friend bought me a snow globe from New York, I'm a bit of a fan even though I only possess three. The tackier, the better.  This one was gorgeous though, look at it! I still have it up because it looks equally amazing without the globe bit.

The poinsettia is genuinely from before Christmas. It has survived this long and LOOK! LEAVES! I just repotted it last week and it seems to love it. Amazing.

A bona-fide Christmas poinsettia

Nothing else has really happened this week that has been worth mentioning, besides Linda and Gavin giving three ex-battery hens a new home - their reward will definitely be in heaven - and Mum and Dad going away for a week, it's been pretty quiet. 

Oh wait, did I mention I also ordered more books from Amazon? I really have no room. I need a house so if anyone is up for giving me a home for me and my books (and my animals) then let me know. I need a library.

It is the Jubilee Weekend and according to Andrew you can get Jubilee Lambrini (his favourite tipple).  I must get me some.  I'm quite excited about it even though I'm not doing anything for it.

Oh I think I'll go and get a slushie now....oh yeah.

Peace out.