Sunday, 10 June 2012

Garden Delights

I'm pleased to have made a start on my green house. Long time coming, it still needs half the glass replaced and the door put back on but at least there are things growing in it!  

Inside I am growing plenty of nasturtiums, I do like these. Empress of India is probably my favourite, dark leaves and gorgeous red flowers.  I also have more sunflowers, some beans, tomatoes, violets and in the toilet roll tubes are sweet pea.  Toilet tubes are good for sweet pea because it allows them to grow a good root system and hopefully this means I'll have awesome sweet peas. We'll see.

These are second year strawberries so I am so excited! Second year crops usually taste the best once the plants have established. I have packed the top of the compost with straw because it stops the fruit rotting on wet soil and also keeps the snails away.

I could swear that the world's bee population is in our back garden right now. Mum's beloved thorny bush/plant thing has flowered and there is a party going on in it. I love bumble bees. Without bees there would be no us. Plant bee loving flowers and encourage them to come into your garden. Butterflies love nettles so let those grow too! Then you can use the nettles for some tea. Oh yeah.

Article from the Guardian on the Importance of Bees

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  1. like your loo roll idea, good to get out and get the green fingers dirty again. The strawberry plant you gave us last year has lots of mini strawberries on it, can't wait to eat them :)