Monday, 4 June 2012

In the danger zone

I am in danger of becoming a badly dressed person, not even 'in a cool way', and I may have even reached that point already.

Today I am wearing the most awful blue t-shirt - I figure I'm not going anywhere (and why I even own it in the first place?) so I should keep outside-of-house clothes clean, a bright red chunky knit cardigan, black faded jeans (totally ok except the zip refuses to stay up) and...the piece de la resistance - pink and grey tabi socks with flip flops.

I remember the day I chuckled with horror at the very thought of socks with flip flops or sandals.  My Uncle Brian was a big fan of the socks/flip flop combo (he may still be) and I swore that I would never make that mistake.

There isn't even any point defending myself here, even if the socks were made for flip flops.  I don't like shoes when the temperature is over 10 degrees Celsius and I still can't defend myself.

I have to say this though...this is comfort at it's best.

If you see me out and about, don't worry. It's when I start to have food stains down my front that I should be sectioned.

I mean it.

I love. 


  1. I'm getting you sectioned!

  2. Somebody needs to get over there and put a stop to this.