Saturday, 2 June 2012

It's June!

It is June, Jubilee weekend and I am off for the entire week!!!

I PLAN to:
  • Read a lot
  • Do 3 hours of study a day
  • Watch The Killing
  • Take photos of things 

I just had a go on the camera, and I keep getting 'Card Error!' I'm hoping this is just a joke.

New Camera!

Now that I have a camera life can resume as normal, except if this memory card is faulty then I'm gonna have issues. Big issues. I faffed about with it and took some photos:

Actually normal colour mode and not in B&W

A broken Snow Globe but still awesome

My friend bought me a snow globe from New York, I'm a bit of a fan even though I only possess three. The tackier, the better.  This one was gorgeous though, look at it! I still have it up because it looks equally amazing without the globe bit.

The poinsettia is genuinely from before Christmas. It has survived this long and LOOK! LEAVES! I just repotted it last week and it seems to love it. Amazing.

A bona-fide Christmas poinsettia

Nothing else has really happened this week that has been worth mentioning, besides Linda and Gavin giving three ex-battery hens a new home - their reward will definitely be in heaven - and Mum and Dad going away for a week, it's been pretty quiet. 

Oh wait, did I mention I also ordered more books from Amazon? I really have no room. I need a house so if anyone is up for giving me a home for me and my books (and my animals) then let me know. I need a library.

It is the Jubilee Weekend and according to Andrew you can get Jubilee Lambrini (his favourite tipple).  I must get me some.  I'm quite excited about it even though I'm not doing anything for it.

Oh I think I'll go and get a slushie now....oh yeah.

Peace out.

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  1. Della is beautiful x
    Have you thought about what to donate to Nest? I might take a drive over th Newtownards on Saturday morning to leave mine if you fancy it,if you're not free and could pick you're thing up this week and drop it over for you. Have a fun week off, you lucky duck!