Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mid May and the Sun is shining

I am sat in garden enjoying this fine weather, albeit in the shade, and although I have a new camera I don't have a memory card yet. It's been ordered and it should be here within a few days. *please!*

I went thrifting with Linda, from Hey! Homewrecker, and came home with the most exciting things! But first, I must show you this, this is a work of art and made my Linda herself:

Isn't this fantastic.  Linda got some coffee sacks and fashioned this one into a cushion. I absolutely love it! I have the kindest friends.  The most creative friends too.

We headed to a place near Newtownards called 'Unique' something or other.  It's like Nik Naks in that it is a treasure trove for people like me.  I came away with a vintage, vgc Star Wars LP - I haggled well, I said my price and got it for that. £10 instead of £15, a 'shell-animal' (obsessed) and some conch shells for George's tank. Unfortunately I had to leave three shell-animals behind because I just don't have a house yet, however I did get this adorable one which I think is a squirrel.

Linda came away with some amazing things - all for a snip at £15. Head over to Hey! Homewrecker to see if they have been posted up.  We later headed into Newtownards itself to browse the charity shops, and I came away with 10 books. I really have NO ROOM. I'd bought 4 only the day before in Omagh.  I also got the most awesome 70's thick, pink and white, high quality blanket which was a steal at £8.50.  I love it! Mum was horrified and Dad agreed that it was indeed a brilliant buy.  I'm glad someone understands. 

Whilst pouring the Charity Shops (for Enid Blyton books too - Linda Eyes spotted 3 for me!) there was a window display featuring objects people had donated for a big exhibition in the Titanic Quarter that will be open in July.  Find out more at Nest.

Perhaps I shall submit a Shell-Animal! Off to do some reading in the sun, currently reading The Complete Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornby and on Linda's recommendation The Secret History by Donna Tartt.  Really should get a move on with 
The Mill for Grinding Old People Young by Glenn Patterson, for book group.

 I go now!


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  1. I'm glad you like your cushion, had fun yesterday! Your blanket is amazing I can't believe your mum can appreciate it! The big lad has read the book you bought him but he'll donate it back into the bookstore unless you want it? I've been thinking about what to donate to nest?? The girld are looking forward to meet you x