Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Demise of the Twinkie

So the Twinkie is no more and people are going insane and stocking up on the odd American snack.

I tried a Twinkie a few years ago and felt my insides corrode.

American confectionery is quite popular here, mainly the sodas, but the Twinkies remain on the shelves.

Now is the time is ask the Token American a relevant question:

Bartlam - what makes the Twinkie so great? I would like to share some of our coveted confectionery with you.

I eagerly await your answer.

Friday, 2 November 2012

'Friday at the Nobody Inn'

That is the title of a book I want to read. It is on my Amazon wish list which is now ENORMOUS. Have you people got a wish list?

There are only seven of us in the office today. This means that you can hear a pin drop or in my case when I knocked over heavy files the noise was something else. Whoops. Think everyone was pleased with the momentary distraction.

I'm reading 'The Final Diagnosis' by Arthur Hailey. I am now obsessed and after writing down a list of his books, I have 8 out of 11.

It's coming up to one year since I started this blog and I shall be doing a review once I hit 31. I'm looking forward to seeing what I've done did in the last 12 months.

This weekend my plans are to finish 'The Final Diagnosis'. If you like Sidney Sheldon you'll like Arthur Hailey. I really want to be American.

Bartlam - What's it like being an American?

If I was American I would be the size of a house and most definitely not vegetarian although I believe vegetarianism is quite good over there unless you live in the south where they eat their young. Apparently.

I'm going to see 'Follow' which is some kind of interpretive dance and have to write a review for View magazine. I have also cancelled my driving lesson, again, losing interest thick and fast. I intend to get rich and have a chauffeur.

So...being American......

*waits for Bartlam's reply*