Sunday, 29 January 2012


It's Sunday and very wet outside. I've managed to be as lazy as I possibly can today. I read the Observer magazine and actually want most of the things on 'The Lust list':

Olympus SP-620UZ

The Olympus SP-620UZ. A mere £179.99.

Mimi, Grace and Bridgitte cushions from Heypico. £40 each and I really, really want the retro one on the left.

These are probably the most exciting drawers I have seen for a long time. £850 from Notonthehighstreet, this site has brilliant unique objects for sale. Forget having a naff Ikea home - go here instead.
Also from Notonthehighstreet. Slightly more expensive at £1,200 but how much fun would you have staring at this all day. You could turn it up a notch and freak yourself out by having this in your bedroom.

I love this colour. 'Bitter Bitch' by Tom Ford. Bit out of my usual price range at £25. I'm veggie so wonder if Tom Ford is animal friendly with his products. Will leave it for a while and try to scout out a similar colour.  My nail polish collection is ridiculous and I only tend to use 3 colours out of the whole lot.

Today I also followed Eva Wiseman on Twitter (@EvaWiseman). I love her weekly page in the OM and hope her tweets are equally amusing.

We went to Castlewellan Forest last Saturday and walked off the main path to a clearing where there used to be cottages or houses or something. This was sitting in hole in the tree:

We looked around for any other messages but that was the only one.

That's me for another week or so. Will keep an eye out for little messages.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crisis over!

I lost my camera for a few days. Had absolutely no idea where I'd put it and it was only when I was emptying my wash basket that I found it right at the bottom. Amen.

Today, Saturday, we went to Newtownabbey where the big shops are. I love Pets at Home and could spend a small fortune in there. I was browsing and coo-ing over the cat stuff, wishing Della was small enough to fit in a normal sized cat bed when I came across this:

A cat lead. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Who in their  right mind would even try to put a cat on a lead. It could result in some very serious injuries. On the other hand all the kitten stuff were so cute. What looked like a giant's slipper was a little cosy bed for a tiny cat. *sighs*

Then I went to have a peek at the animals - mouses and rats - and cooed over this pile of 5 Russian hamsters. I ADORE tiny furry things. Looking at the photo you can only spy 4 but after I (accidentally) took a flash photo, the pile was disturbed and a fifth one appeared from the very bottom. AW!

Then....I wandered over the guinea pig/rabbit pens and OMG! Best house I have ever seen for a rodent. I think I want one of these, ideally on a beach somewhere. Pets have it good these days.

This weekend I have been good to myself and also discovered the joys of Marshmallow Fluff. I am never going to be thin. Ever. New food keeps exposing itself to me and makes me eat more. *NOM*

I considered buying boxes of Lucky Charms too, chocolate ones, but then remembered there are marshmallows in there and marshmallows are made out of animal bits (Gelatine). Marshmallow fluff is just that, fluff, not solid and therefore doesn't need the gelatine to solidify it. I wish people would use plant gelatine though. I mean come on. Don't be mean.

 And on a last note, Dad came home with a "wine cooler" which is in actual fact an easiyo yogurt maker. Someone doesn't watch the shopping channel.  Anybody want this piece of crap?

I think you can buy the easiyo yogurt making powder/potion on line for a ridiculous price. Nothing beats a Spelga peach yogurt so Easiyo and go and yo itself somewhere else.

Off to watch 'Talhotblonde' and buy a glass mug on ebay.

This week

The Seaside.

Last weekend we all went to Murlough Bay to the beach for a walk. It was windy as and somewhat cold but it blew away the cobwebs.

Here's my Mum, Andrew, Dad and Penny the Dog.

I picked up a lot of deep shells and found a handy device for drying them after washing:

Couldn't really decide what to do with them so they're sat around George's tank to make him feel more at home. For now....

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Two weeks in...

 It's the 14th January and no resolution was officially made and therefore not kept. On a brighter note the World Darts have been on the television, live from Lakeside, and work has just been getting in the way of my viewing. Next year, I am taking two weeks off.

I just love darts. It's the whole 'culture' of darts. Blue WKD, smirnoff ice, lager, and gold jewellery in abundance. Everybody in the audience looks like they're having the best time. Makes me well jel.

My Reader and I are getting on really well, I've just finished 'At Home' by Bill Bryson and 'Corpsing' by Toby Litt (library borrowed). I really recommend these things, I fear at the moment I love the Reader more than the paperback! I hope this is just a novelty and it better be because I bought a lot of paperbacks over Christmas.

Have just been reading Hey Homewrecker!, I love this blog. Linda finds the best stuff in the charity shops. I'm quite a fan of blankets and Linda has displayed one that she found for mere £4.50. It's so lovely. Go over there and have a look.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 (un?)Realistic Resolutions

Well hello there! Like the majority of the Country, I too have been considering my NYRs:

Let me get back to you on these...

And while I ponder those - just take a look at the rare, elusive and beautiful creature that is Della:

Happy New Year!

(image taken from

It has arrived! 2012 is here, the year of the Queen's Jubilee (extra bank holiday - thank you very much), The Olympics (an absolute waste of money - £80 million on the opening and closing ceremonies alone) and I may go on my first holiday in 10 years.

On the 31st December the post man delivered a parcel and in the parcel was this:

Who'd have thought. After the Kindle fiasco I didn't think I'd ever possess another e-reader either except this one is far better. I can buy e-books from anywhere except Amazon (**** you Kindle/Amazon) and borrow books from the library. It weighs so little and the straw that broke the camels back, that made me buy this, was my eternal struggle to read Bill Bryson's 'At Home' comfortably at bedtime. Now, I've still got a lot of paperbacks to read and I feel so guilty looking at them but on the commute to work and back each day I've been reading paperback. Really the Reader is just for now and then. Currently I am using a padded envelope as a case (Thank you Mariette) because I couldn't find a case that wasn't hugely overpriced. Today I found two, so until they arrive a 55p envelope is going to do. Just going to pimp it up a bit.

So let us recap my first 'year' of being 30:

* I got a job (hurrah!)
* I got paid and bought nice Christmas presents
* I did a lot of self-gifting
* I cut my hair off (well 8 inches of hair)
* I got new trousers
* I shot a pistol and 2 rifles for the first time ever:

* I succumbed and bought a Sony Reader
* I got passive-aggressive with my highlighter pen and wrote a threatening 'leave it alone' message on it with a Sharpie.

David and Niki moved to Surrey on Monday. Bye Bye David and Niki! See you soon!

Well it's been good going so far considering I've been 30 for less than 2 months. This year is going to be good. I am going to go on a holiday for the first time in 10 years but that's a story for another day.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year Lufflies!