Saturday, 14 January 2012

Two weeks in...

 It's the 14th January and no resolution was officially made and therefore not kept. On a brighter note the World Darts have been on the television, live from Lakeside, and work has just been getting in the way of my viewing. Next year, I am taking two weeks off.

I just love darts. It's the whole 'culture' of darts. Blue WKD, smirnoff ice, lager, and gold jewellery in abundance. Everybody in the audience looks like they're having the best time. Makes me well jel.

My Reader and I are getting on really well, I've just finished 'At Home' by Bill Bryson and 'Corpsing' by Toby Litt (library borrowed). I really recommend these things, I fear at the moment I love the Reader more than the paperback! I hope this is just a novelty and it better be because I bought a lot of paperbacks over Christmas.

Have just been reading Hey Homewrecker!, I love this blog. Linda finds the best stuff in the charity shops. I'm quite a fan of blankets and Linda has displayed one that she found for mere £4.50. It's so lovely. Go over there and have a look.

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