Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Snow!

I love snow. You will never hear me complain about snow and today's car ride to the Mourne Mountains was just *spectacular*.

There was some serious snow happening.

The tops of the fence posts were poking out and we drove down a road with 7ft walls of snow on either side.  Never in my life have I experienced such snow, it was like Christmas! (Except with chocolate eggs). 

Going on down the road we 'dropped by' Silent Valley, a giant reservoir, to have a picnic and let The Dog have a run and I have to say, I have never been so in awe of such luffly scenery in this country. Ever.

I shall leave you to marvel at the sheer beauty that your eyes are about to behold. So long and good night.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Post #3.14159265

Bit of a film day today.  The first film was Spirited Away, a fabulous Studio Ghibli production and it is really good. Big Baby and the soot balls are proper squee.

Film 2 is the 1981 Clash of the Titans with a stellar cast. Lawrence Olivier, Maggie Smith and Ursula Andress star in this 2 hour picture where the Kraken emerges from the sea in his scary, plastic form and Medusa's lopped off head resembles something a class of kindergarten kids made.

However, I love films like this where the 'special' effects are truly 'special'.  None of that CGI faff thank you (unless its animation like 'Hotel Transylvania', Coraline etc). 

I must go. I consider my excessive posting as spam.

Clocks go forward tonight! I have 6 manual clocks on one wall alone. I knew I should have bought radio controlled ones.

Happy Easter! 

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Random Picture Show

Since February there has been an ice-cream van doing the rounds with it's loud ding dong tune (I never know what the tune is, just that it means the ice-cream man is here) and you know what I saw? A gap in the market.

When the weather warms up, the ice-cream van should change into a frozen cocktail van after the kids have been locked away.


 These are some kind of bath bombs from Lush and aren't they they cutest!

A joke that is actually funny and I see it on my way to work every morning - it never fails to make me smile. EVER!

OMG. What can I even say.  This is SQUEE! in every sense of the word! It kills me with it's cuteness!

And this is Penny before we left to go on a (wash-out) picnic on St Patrick's day. She needs:

  • A blanket (or I do to protect my legs from her trampling all over me in the car).
  • Coat
  • Toy
  • Lead
  • Biscuits
  • Water bowl
  • Harness
  • Towel
  • Wet wipes
and people say children are hard work.

George turns SIX!

My lovely Goldfish, George, turned 6 last Sunday.

George came with Gilbert (yes, they were named after the eccentric Artist duo of the same names) and when Gilbert died I got George a new friend called Shirley. Sadly Shirley didn't last long which prompted me to think that George might have had a hand (fin) in their premature deaths, because I am the best Fish Guardian ever. He wants for nothing.

At times I feel guilty and think he might like some company but I also wonder if he is set in his ways now.

I took a picture on my new Nikon 1 J2:

That mirror needs cleaning
And here he is!:

Happy Birthday George!

Read more about George HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

The list is endless actually, a simple 'Goldfish that looks like Hitler' in the Google search bar and up comes a good few sources.

Just so you know, this publicity stunt was masterminded by my brother and his Pro Photog friend. George received a tidy sum which got him a new home and toys etc. 

I plan to train him how to play basketball next like this one.

Have a GREAT Easter weekend! I've got a mega Easter Egg to attack on Sunday. 

From George and myself, Adios!

One week on....

This time last week I was on my way home after an 8 hour wait at the airport. Sadly I never made it to London due to the blatant incapability of Northern Ireland's Public Services.

We were WARNED of potentially disruptive snow repeatedly and yet no-one took any action.

In fact, people were over confident. This was the weather near Bangor on Thursday 21st around 9am:

This was the weather not even 24 hours later:

Fear struck my heart when I looked out the window at 5am  that morning.

BUT I PERSEVERED! Even after flight #1 was cancelled I was sure #2 would go. Nope.

This was the airport runway:

The Russians would have sniggered at this.

I got a full refund but was devastated. I'd bought tons of new things for the weekend BUT I was only angry  for a few minutes because let's face it - there are worse things happening. Besides, I LOVE snow.

Got home and we ordered a special takeaway from The Naz on the Ormeau Road.  I LOVE INDIAN FOOD and being Vegetarian, Indian cuisine is super veggie friendly.  Mum loves her candles and has them lit, on the dinner table, every night and tonight, for the first time, I appreciated them because Belfast suffered from a power cut.  I had my food so I was happy.

An adventurous day that was. Snow still lying but nearly gone.  Higher up is still heavily affected but the Facebook weather update/competition has ceased.

One week  on and the sun is shining.  I'm attempting revision and watching Wishmaster.

Better update to come shortly!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

London Calling....

Tomorrow, all being well, I am headed south east to London!

Weather meant to turn nasty overnight, the wind is wild and I'm praying for take off tomorrow on time or at least on the same day.

This country comes to a complete standstill at the very thought of bad weather.

Anyway, I've a proper post to come but I just wanted to show you my new toy ordered especially for this weekend...

Oh yeah. 

That's just George, who will be 6 on Sunday, sticking his nose in.

See you!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Shoe Season!

I do believe that SPRING has SPRUNG!

Crocuses flower in the gardens, daffodils add happy colour to our fields and homes, people are full of joy!

It's now acceptable to wear flip flops.

Except today I'm wearing my favourite shoes complete with Happy (brand) socks. It doesn't get more springy that this.