Friday, 29 March 2013

One week on....

This time last week I was on my way home after an 8 hour wait at the airport. Sadly I never made it to London due to the blatant incapability of Northern Ireland's Public Services.

We were WARNED of potentially disruptive snow repeatedly and yet no-one took any action.

In fact, people were over confident. This was the weather near Bangor on Thursday 21st around 9am:

This was the weather not even 24 hours later:

Fear struck my heart when I looked out the window at 5am  that morning.

BUT I PERSEVERED! Even after flight #1 was cancelled I was sure #2 would go. Nope.

This was the airport runway:

The Russians would have sniggered at this.

I got a full refund but was devastated. I'd bought tons of new things for the weekend BUT I was only angry  for a few minutes because let's face it - there are worse things happening. Besides, I LOVE snow.

Got home and we ordered a special takeaway from The Naz on the Ormeau Road.  I LOVE INDIAN FOOD and being Vegetarian, Indian cuisine is super veggie friendly.  Mum loves her candles and has them lit, on the dinner table, every night and tonight, for the first time, I appreciated them because Belfast suffered from a power cut.  I had my food so I was happy.

An adventurous day that was. Snow still lying but nearly gone.  Higher up is still heavily affected but the Facebook weather update/competition has ceased.

One week  on and the sun is shining.  I'm attempting revision and watching Wishmaster.

Better update to come shortly!

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