Friday, 29 March 2013

George turns SIX!

My lovely Goldfish, George, turned 6 last Sunday.

George came with Gilbert (yes, they were named after the eccentric Artist duo of the same names) and when Gilbert died I got George a new friend called Shirley. Sadly Shirley didn't last long which prompted me to think that George might have had a hand (fin) in their premature deaths, because I am the best Fish Guardian ever. He wants for nothing.

At times I feel guilty and think he might like some company but I also wonder if he is set in his ways now.

I took a picture on my new Nikon 1 J2:

That mirror needs cleaning
And here he is!:

Happy Birthday George!

Read more about George HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

The list is endless actually, a simple 'Goldfish that looks like Hitler' in the Google search bar and up comes a good few sources.

Just so you know, this publicity stunt was masterminded by my brother and his Pro Photog friend. George received a tidy sum which got him a new home and toys etc. 

I plan to train him how to play basketball next like this one.

Have a GREAT Easter weekend! I've got a mega Easter Egg to attack on Sunday. 

From George and myself, Adios!

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