Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!

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It has arrived! 2012 is here, the year of the Queen's Jubilee (extra bank holiday - thank you very much), The Olympics (an absolute waste of money - £80 million on the opening and closing ceremonies alone) and I may go on my first holiday in 10 years.

On the 31st December the post man delivered a parcel and in the parcel was this:

Who'd have thought. After the Kindle fiasco I didn't think I'd ever possess another e-reader either except this one is far better. I can buy e-books from anywhere except Amazon (**** you Kindle/Amazon) and borrow books from the library. It weighs so little and the straw that broke the camels back, that made me buy this, was my eternal struggle to read Bill Bryson's 'At Home' comfortably at bedtime. Now, I've still got a lot of paperbacks to read and I feel so guilty looking at them but on the commute to work and back each day I've been reading paperback. Really the Reader is just for now and then. Currently I am using a padded envelope as a case (Thank you Mariette) because I couldn't find a case that wasn't hugely overpriced. Today I found two, so until they arrive a 55p envelope is going to do. Just going to pimp it up a bit.

So let us recap my first 'year' of being 30:

* I got a job (hurrah!)
* I got paid and bought nice Christmas presents
* I did a lot of self-gifting
* I cut my hair off (well 8 inches of hair)
* I got new trousers
* I shot a pistol and 2 rifles for the first time ever:

* I succumbed and bought a Sony Reader
* I got passive-aggressive with my highlighter pen and wrote a threatening 'leave it alone' message on it with a Sharpie.

David and Niki moved to Surrey on Monday. Bye Bye David and Niki! See you soon!

Well it's been good going so far considering I've been 30 for less than 2 months. This year is going to be good. I am going to go on a holiday for the first time in 10 years but that's a story for another day.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year Lufflies!

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