Saturday, 21 January 2012

Crisis over!

I lost my camera for a few days. Had absolutely no idea where I'd put it and it was only when I was emptying my wash basket that I found it right at the bottom. Amen.

Today, Saturday, we went to Newtownabbey where the big shops are. I love Pets at Home and could spend a small fortune in there. I was browsing and coo-ing over the cat stuff, wishing Della was small enough to fit in a normal sized cat bed when I came across this:

A cat lead. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Who in their  right mind would even try to put a cat on a lead. It could result in some very serious injuries. On the other hand all the kitten stuff were so cute. What looked like a giant's slipper was a little cosy bed for a tiny cat. *sighs*

Then I went to have a peek at the animals - mouses and rats - and cooed over this pile of 5 Russian hamsters. I ADORE tiny furry things. Looking at the photo you can only spy 4 but after I (accidentally) took a flash photo, the pile was disturbed and a fifth one appeared from the very bottom. AW!

Then....I wandered over the guinea pig/rabbit pens and OMG! Best house I have ever seen for a rodent. I think I want one of these, ideally on a beach somewhere. Pets have it good these days.

This weekend I have been good to myself and also discovered the joys of Marshmallow Fluff. I am never going to be thin. Ever. New food keeps exposing itself to me and makes me eat more. *NOM*

I considered buying boxes of Lucky Charms too, chocolate ones, but then remembered there are marshmallows in there and marshmallows are made out of animal bits (Gelatine). Marshmallow fluff is just that, fluff, not solid and therefore doesn't need the gelatine to solidify it. I wish people would use plant gelatine though. I mean come on. Don't be mean.

 And on a last note, Dad came home with a "wine cooler" which is in actual fact an easiyo yogurt maker. Someone doesn't watch the shopping channel.  Anybody want this piece of crap?

I think you can buy the easiyo yogurt making powder/potion on line for a ridiculous price. Nothing beats a Spelga peach yogurt so Easiyo and go and yo itself somewhere else.

Off to watch 'Talhotblonde' and buy a glass mug on ebay.

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  1. I took my cat Daisy for a walk on a lead (I was about 11), pepole said you can't take a cat for a walk, I beg to differ!