Tuesday, 23 July 2013

London Calling (again)


Well, this Friday I am off to London.

All being well.

We all know what happened the last time I tried to go don't we?

The part I am most excited about is HYPER JAPAN! This Saturday myself and a friend are off to Earls Court to revel in J-Pop Culture. OK I lie. I am going to revel in it. He doesn't want to go but my original attendee bailed on me.  He'll be coverted.

I went to the very first one in Brick Lane, and it was small.  The ones after that have just been getting bigger and bigger.  The only downside is that everything is expensive.  You can get some very handy things though like microwavable sushi rice - this is, for people like me, ideal.  Apparently, (for anyone who has a Nintendo DS) they are having a real life Animal Crossing. Don't ask. I'll let you know how that goes.

My tickets were bought ages ago and I have been lovingly caring for them since (paper print out unfortuately, A4 size too for some reason, each.)

I'm in London for a week and have to squeeze in quite a few visits.  One place I am definitely going to is Highgate Cemetery.  It is stunning. You can spend hours in there. I have already visited the East cemetery and the west is tour only. West it is! and East afterwards of course.

I also plan to eat a lot of sushi. Belfast lacks sushi bars and London has sushi bars coming out of it's ears. 

Only vegetable sushi of course, but I am drooling at the very thought of what lies ahead. BAGELS!

I don't really know what else I will be doing though.  I plan to travel around cemeteries and visit museums and galleries.  London is spectacular so I won't be bored.  I can't be bored! My favourite Museum will be visited, The British Museum, I adore this place.  There is a new, free, exhibition on, something to do with Asia, don't ask, but I'm still going.  I have a list coming out of my ears!

Before I bore you to tears or make you insanely jealous, Della and Penny both had Reiki two weeks ago! I know a lady who does all those things and asked if she would do it for my pets.  Della (cat) loved it - she's mellowing in her old age, Penny (dog) on the other hand was very wary of all this. 

I felt that after a few days that there was an improvment with Pen's attitude to Della but who knows, it could be the hot weather.  Hard to tell with animals innit. The novelty is brilliant though.

 Beautiful Della (Brother in the background photobombing)

I am biased, obviously, but doesn't she look fabulous for 13.

Mmm smells goooood!
This is the rose I pass on my daily dog walk and omg. The smell! It's like refreshing with a hint of lemon (don't assume I'm right here - I tend to get things very wrong). I love walking past this house when their rose is in bloom. They probably think I'm casing their joint.

 I have no friends in the office right now as I bought some citronelle essential oil which is SUPPOSED to be 'simulating and uplifting' (as well as being an insect repellent). It smells so bad. It's everywhere, I sprinkled a few drops on a tissue and subsequently splashed myself, my desk, my keyboard...At least I'll be fly free.

On a more POSITIVE note, a lovely lady called Chloee left a lovely comment on one of my last posts (49384 years ago).  Chloee writes a blog called A Day in my Wheels and you know, it's really good. I like her attitude and there are some brilliant photos on there.

Have a nosy! Spread the love.

I'm off to do some work before IS catch on and boot me off.  I think I'll go to Nero and get some more Iced Latte *bounces off walls*

I love you.


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  1. Good plan! Making the most of it when you visit there. That cat is such a cutie!xx