Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Colourful Terracotta Men

So, ONE WORLD CREATIVE came up with this project of painting replica Terracotta army figures and dotting them about.

A similar thing was in London a few years ago where Elephants were placed at various places in London and I tried my BEST to find them all. I got most of them.

This time there are a few of the Terracotta Army strategically placed around the City Hall (We're in Belfast here):

My favourite is the Army Men one, some are pretty rubbish but on the whole interesting to look at.

 I quite like cherry blossoms, but aren't they, kind of, predominately Japanese? Terracotta Army is from China. Unless, the cherry blossoms are, in fact, peonies.  Still looks like cherry blossom to me.

 THOSE EYES!! I'm thinking Big Trouble in Little China here.

 This is one of my favourites - the green army man one.  Apparently people are picking the army men off. Naughty.

Sorry, typical FINGER IN THE WAY job. For anyone who's interested, that's Barry M's gelly shine nail polish in pink (or some ridiculous name like Pomegranate, I think).

Will go and see the rest of them later and see if any more awesome ones crop up.


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