Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Be Warned - GARDEN POST!

Hello!  It's been some time since I wrote a post or two and now I have a few to spam you with.  Currently sat at my desk in work and I can't get the text orientation thing to go from left to right, it's prefering centred. 

So I've been busy at the allotment over the last few weeks and here is the result of my bed. The 30ft by 5ft bed. That's all I have, but I'm super proud of it.  OK so the picture is dark but I'm sure you can find someway of seeing it better!                                                                                                           

 Here I have about 40 leeks growing. Look how skinny they are! Someone gave me a huge pot full of baby leeks so I'm going to have to give more than a few away.   Behind the near invisible baby leeks are cauliflowers.  I didn't cover them so they have a bit of a root problem.  Maggots.  Shame really, only one is surviving and there is a wee baby cauliflower growing! Squee!

My Beans - amazing no? They look fabulous as plants, I just don't like the actual beans. I am a pea fan.  They take up plenty of soil space though and feed the soil too with nitrogen (I could be making that up but I'm nearly sure I'm not).

Around the base of the beans are lots of lovely rainbow swiss chard plants.  I was trying to show people how efficient I am with using space wisely even though I don't eat pretty much anything I grow.  I feed the snails instead.  Swiss Chard is so lovely to look at. the stalks range from white to yellow to orange to pink. Fabulous, grow quickly, look good and apparently baby leaves good for salads whilst older leaves akin to spinach.

'Oh WOW Deborah! Your plot looks fabulous!' Oh! thank you. *blushes*

Ooh! Are those shallots? I hear you say? Yes.they.are.  Millions.  I had no idea that you got at least 5 shallots to every bulb. Did you? Neither did I.  I now have a million and will never need to buy another one for the next year or so.  

Shallots anyone? Really?

Meet the masses

So there you have it.  My bed is coming on fabulously well, I'm proud of it. My mission to reclaim the plot is coming on slowly, but I'll get it back. I have to!


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  1. This is wicked. Your allotment is wicked. It is wicked that you can grow vegetables! I want my own allotment now...