Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hallowe'en is comin'

It's Saturday night and town is getting ready to receive the costumed people in their masses.

I, on the other hand, am trying to convince myself to watch a film but my book is very tempting.

Arthur Hailey. I mentioned him a few pages back. I was open mouthed at a sentence yesterday before realising that it had been written in the 60s and not recently. Hailey described a character as: 'a buxom, perpetually cheerful Negress'. and she 'spoke' like she was illiterate and 'stereotypically' had 9 kids, one on the way.

"Why, ah neva felt so important befo in all mah life!"

Because all the white people in the book were well spoken and with important careers.

I've been loving the blog updates from Bartlam - socks and sandals fan, Katrina - a fantastic photographer and
Linda , the best Alan Partridge impersonator I have ever seen.

I bought a small pumpkin today to create a piece of art but expect the usual triangle eyes, nose and mouth. I give my pumpkins ears though. Do you?

The dog is terrified of the bangers and fireworks so I had BBC World Service radio on all night to 'distract' her. I'd be distracted too if I got hours of international politics in my ears. Thankfully(?) my ears don't work anyway so I wasn't kept awake.

Wonder what Penny made of the Berlusconi 'jail term'. He'll never see the inside of a cell. Ever.

Been watching a few American serial killer documentaries lately.

Bartlam is my token American:

Bartlam - do you ever hear of murders by mental people round your way? Like properly orchestrated murders? I really must visit the states someday. I'd love to visit little places with eerie tales. Bartlam - ever visited the Winchester mansion?

I think Bartlam will be my go-to for any American related questions I have.

Discovered a handy app for iPhone for blogging. This.

My newish netbook is really p1ss taking at the moment, so slow, I decided to have a look at the iPad mini. Too expensive for what I want it for and for what it is. Better buying an iPad. But an iPad won't fit in my downsized bag - it will but I can't think like that - so I went and pre-ordered the google nexus 32gb instead. Delivery has been put back a further 3 weeks! The case arrived today too. I put my name in stickers on it. Was going to cancel and just order the iPad but NO! I have my 'personalised' case now.

Ok that was a temporary filler post while I procrastinate and avoid the TV. Doesn't it look pretty though.

Look! America! *waves to Bartlam*

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  1. I'm your token Southerner baby.

    "Why, ah neva felt so important befo in all mah life!"

    The most regal people in The South (paticularly those in Georgia) are non-rhotic speakers like this. It's the same accent that's always butchered by the non-Southern actors they always get to play Southerners in the movies.

    I'll be back for the rest but, I've gotta get back to the game. Holla.

  2. Ta for the mention, more to come soon!

    Getting excited to dress up for Hallowe'en next weekend, going as a vampiress :-)

  3. When I was a child Ted Bundy came to Tallahassee, where I lived, and one night attacked several women...killing two of them. Very strange to see my mother putting a chair against the door during the day. He weren't from around there though...he was born up north and raised in Washington state.

    The only Southern serial killer I can think of was a fella in Atlanta that killed young back children in the projects (gov. housing). He was black...which, not surprisingly as they are really all Southerners, is another group that doesn't produce serial killers.

    We do have murders tough...highest rate in U.S. We've also always had the lowest suicide rates...these are murders of crime or passion.

    Three doors down, from the house we just moved out of...a woman hired a teenager, in the neighborhood, to teach her children to swim. Being young and full of energy he was able to teach the children to swim and have an affair with the mother. Eventually she broke it off. The distraught teenager dealt with by going to the woman's tennis club...also just down the street...and gunning her down on the court.

    They made a Life Time made for T.V. movie out of that one.

    We also knew a woman who, recently, was gunned down by her husband in the office where she worked. She was going to leave him...very sad.

    Yesterday the Gators murdered my Fall...with thier preformance against Georgia. Now our only hope if for Ole Miss to beat them. A slim one to be sure...very slim.

  4. TED BUNDY! NO WAY! He's always on Channel 5 documentaries about serial killers. Are you comfortable living somewhere where the murder rate is the highest? It might make me a bit nervous. So, not really a dull neighbourhood then. American culture is really something else. I love it. I don't want to be murdered but two things I associate with the US is murder and being sued. Have you sued/been sued?

    I am sorry to hear about the Gators...I hope you have picked my team now. *goes to check*

  5. Your team is the Ole Miss Rebels. They are actually in a position to save a bit of the Gators season today IF they can beat Georgia. Highly unlikely but...a glimmer.

    I don't worry about being murdered because I'm faithful to my wife. :) The majority of these murders are between people that know each other. We don't get very many random, serial killer types.

    I was an alternate juror for a murder trial once.

    Never been sued but the law suites are extremely damaging to our economy and really out of control.