Monday, 30 July 2012

Bicycles and 30 Day Challenges

Today is the LAST day of the challenge! Unfortunately, as you know,  I abandoned it due to lack of photography equipment (I didn't think to use my iPhone). The camera has returned but it's too late, unless I cram in 30 days worth into one day?

Head over to Thrift Shop Commando to see her awesome photos throughout the challenge, I think Hey Homewrecker! has also done the challenge - we shall soon see!

I'm thinking of doing another challenge but will make up the challenges myself. Bokah is definitely a good option though.

I haven't been out in my beloved jelly shoes yet because it has been raining or I have been lying down everywhere.  I tell a lie... I bought a bicycle! and I LOVE IT.

It even has a basket that goes on the front that is detachable. Penny just about fits in it so I ordered a proper dog basket which came with this awful, plastic bracket so that went back and I'm going to order another one that doesn't resemble a death trap. I am just determined that the two of us will have good times together.

I've been out on it every single day since I've had it (just over a week now) I'm getting better at going in a straight line. Just move out of the way if you see me (or my socks and sandals- Flimsy Cup's favourite fashion sense) first.

Anyway, I was in town and saw the coolest lift, ever. It was in White Stuff and I was truly awed:

Vladimir Tretchikoff - King of Kitsch
What can I say. This is easily, the most awesome lift I have seen so far in my life.  Beautiful.

I wandered about and saw this:  Wish I'd bought it now.  Will go back in and see if I can get it. Marks and Spencer's

THEN - I got my Anarkitty print framed. At long last! Here it is:

It's quite large, and now has pride of place on my bedroom wall.  It is the 1st print out of the batch. I am so proud. 

That's it. All my news, oh, we did have a few days of sunshine which was truly delightful. I went on the train to Bangor, NI, and the weather was fabulous. The trains were air conditioned!! 

That's me.  I have to go and fight with my study group where our only means of communication is via a thread. That's so 2004. We have a deadline this Thursday. It's not going very well, I seem to be the only one who knows a) what a wiki looks like and b) how to reference properly.  However, I AM going to LONDON! Friday to Sunday and I couldn't be more happy. 

I shall post pictures of my trip up when I return.

Peace out Earthlings 


  1. Thanks for the mention! You can participate one day or all days, you need to give that camera a work out ...


  2. OMG!!! I LOVE your new bike!! I want one!! I have to admitt I have totally struggled with the 30 day photo challenge, I get my pics up soon xx

  3. PS Have a great weekend in Landan xx