Sunday, 1 July 2012


I am in desperate need of a house or a mansion so that I can go out thrifting and not feel bad about it. Here are two blogs you MUST follow if you are a fan, one is USA based and the other in Northern Ireland.

Thrift Shop Commando and Hey! Homewrecker.

Thrifting is a talent, a valuable skill to have and I bow down to these Hunters.

Linda from Hey! Homewrecker took me out thrifting a few weeks ago and I came back with some serious gems. The most awesome, huge, pink and white vintage bedspread. I will photo it in the autumn/winter edition. For a meagre £8.00 I could hardly say no.

My talent lies in book hunting. I am a very good collector and will always find the cheapest and best condition. In the last month alone I must have obtained at least 30. I have accepted that I may die before I've had a chance to read through my books but I know they're there and I can think of worst ways to spend my hard earned money.

Thrifers, Respect. 

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  1. Muya for the mention! Looking forward to the photo postings ~