Sunday, 19 May 2013

Michaelangelo's Perfect Man

I went to see Whitesnake and Journey this week in Belfast.  Whitesnake were amazing and Journey were good. Sadly Whitesnake is more to my taste and since they were co-headlining with Journey, should have gone on last because Journey were just too tame after Whitesnake's performance and everybody started leaving early. Me included. No, I don't feel bad. At all.

Anyway, the Bassist for Whitesnake is beautiful:

 Here he comes,  in all his glory...


Michael Devin
Long hair and beards are fabulous.

David Coverfield (Whitesnake) was fantastic, aged 61! Beautiful hair:


And Arnel Pineda, from Journey:

Fantastic vocals, would suggest  less of the eye blinding light show the next time though, I thought I was going to lose my sight. Not really, but it was too bright and flashy. Whitesnake and Thunder did it right, sounded better too.

ANYWAY!  Review over.

You have now seen a beautiful man.



  1. Wow, he is beautiful! loved the review! seems you were pretty close

  2. 10-4.

    Hahahah. That tickled me.

  3. I haven't heard of them but oh my god their hairs and beards, totally awesome. Glad you've had a great time x