Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I came home to a most pleasant sight today. The postman clearly sensed my pain (sore throat) and decided to pop some sunshine in the letter box.


Yes. Be jel.

Top left: A couple started a project called www.postcardsfrom.us. I asked for a written, bought postcard from Elena and a hand drawn card from Andy. Andy's card arrived today! These are people I don't know. You must visit their website. I wrote a post about them last August. Here.



Bottom left: My beloved (and still living) Della Street. I wanted a sturdy bookmark so I figured I'd send myself a postcard from www.touchnote.com. Big fan. You can even personalise your 'stamp' now!



My bake on a stamp! (For those outside Northern Ireland, 'bake' is slang for face).

And two marvellous cards made from original paintings by the talented Katrina Sophia! These two are my particular favourites. You can see the rest at her shop: www.Katrina-Sophia.com or on her blog.


Do check out the links. Andy and Elena's postcards are ridiculously cheap and Katrina's cards are so beautiful. The tortoise is amazing.

Make someone's day and send them a post/card!


P.S I also got this week's TV guide. Sweet.

P.P.S I had to cover my address in case I got besieged by fans. Can't be too careful these days!


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