Saturday, 1 February 2014


Last night Dad told me about a Church auction happening in Jordanstown. I've been on the lookout for a reading chair for almost a year now and have yet to spot one I like.

Hey! Homewrecker has a real knack of finding awesome vintage things but not me. No. Just not me.

We arrived just as the auction was starting so we didn't have a chance to look around. I browsed the catalogue but you know, pictures would be nice. The descriptions aren't always self-explanatory. E.g 'poofy' and 'toolbox with flasks'. Poufe and COOLBOX with flasks.

"Box of books - who will start me off at £4? £3? £2? £1? Ok £1, £2 over here, £3! £4 anybody? No? All sold at £3."

I was the lucky winner! I also won a file box and a shopping trolley to transport all my things to the allotment in, and a smaller set of books which I was able to see.

In all I spent £21. £10 went on some yucky painting but I wanted the ornate gold metal frame.

While Dad went off to pay for everything I went and inspected my 'box of books'.

Oh. Whoops. A TABLE full of shit books, a few bibles and most books about religious things including the Apocalypse and the third Millennium. I salvaged 5 from the lot and the rest are in the garage for the charity shops. Nasty. Dad wanted to dump them but I couldn't bin bibles. Surely that's asking for eternal damnation.

We loaded the car and marvelled over how cheap some things went for. A three-piece settee £10, beautiful mahogany table with 6 chairs £130, wardrobes your granny had £5. It was outrageous.


Still no reading chair but maybe next time.

Bible anyone?




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  1. You could just stand on the street corner and ask people if they want a really loudly from it.