Monday, 3 February 2014

My Obsession with Grey's Anatomy

My obsession is ridiculous. I've been bingeing on GA and I'm now on Season 9. I've heard a few things about what happens but I swear to god, I will kill whoever blabs. 

So yeah here's what I've learnt so far - Lexie and Mark finally profess their undying love for each other and then die. They both die. *stunned*

Series 9 not doing so hot so far but that could be a good thing. I don't normally obsess about TV programmes, my favorite is West Wing, but GA - they're my homies. 

I want to be treated in Mercy West Seattle Grace Grey Sloan whatever hospital. If I have heart problems Yang will fix me, brain problems - Sheppard, though at the moment he has a bit of a sucky hand from the AWFUL PLANE CRASH at the end if Season 8, so maybe Meredith, his wife, bones? No problem. Callie will fix me. Plastics? oh wait, Mark died. Jackson might be a good sub. 


Anyone else got a TV series obsession? 

No GA today for me! Got a book I have to read for Book Group on Thursday. 

You reading anything at the moment?



  1. This is a cry for help right?

    Ancient Aliens is my own personal obsession but, I don't live alone so I have to share...OUR obsession is the ID network. It's just a stream of bad murder reenactments group loosely around themes...Wives With Knives, Behind the Mansion Walls, Sinful Secrets. It's so's so good.

    I'm reading a battered old reader on Aesthetics edited by David Goldblatt and Lee B Brown.

  2. Ancient Aliens, like the true meaning of 'aliens' or like extra terrestrials? Sky/cable isn't a definite in the UK. A lot of people have freeview which to view obviously. 54 channels or thereabouts and that's still waaaay too many. Always wonder how Americans cope with the choice. If I'm near satellite tv I channel hop until my fingers drop off.

    Loving the sound of this ID channel. I have Netflix and we can watch American things like Behind Mansion Walls and Wicked Attraction. Where do you suggest I start?

    Reason for book choice?

    1. Ancient extra terrestrials...the premise to the extent that there is one, is that aliens visited ancient humans and either genetically altered human beings or at least gifted humanity with the knowledge to establish societies, etc.
      Even if such a thing were established as historical fact...this show would make you believe it wasn't. It's so bad and half the time it can't even maintain an internal logic. It's fabulous.

      You just find areas on the check but, I doubt without the extensive options ID would not exist....but it does. Next week a whole series of shows, in anticipation of valentines day, for single people....all about love affairs that have gone horribly wrong. Brilliant.

      It's just the kind of thing I enjoy reading...history, philosophy, essays, criticism, etc.