Sunday, 6 October 2013

Invasion of the Fun Guys

In both gardens, front and back, there has been a fungi invasion!

Depending on who you ask they're either a good thing or a bad thing. 


This one (above) reminds me of some 70s nature book. 

Just had to share these with you.

P.S the only blogger that sort of works at the moment is my iPhone app so excuse the crappy quality etc. 


  1. yay mushrooms! never knew they grow in gardens, wish mine does. if it is the good thing? photos arent too bad!

  2. I love mushrooms, and this is kinda embarrassing to admit but when I was a kid I would look for fairies under them haha...I'm now following photos x

    1. Thanks Laura Lee! I suppose you were also told that those green rings in the grass were fairy rings and at night they came out and had parties. I was told that but could never understand WHY THERE WERE NO RED AND WHITE TOADSTOOLS, as depicted in books, for them to sit on. Sad.