Monday, 4 November 2013

Opportunity Frocks 2013

On Saturday evening I went to see someone be crowned Miss Opportunity Frocks 2013. The winner was Miss Anna Rexia. 

Here are some photos:

I didn't stay forever because I got bored of the show pieces. I was all dragged out. 

The bitchiness was unreal. A few wigs flew and there were bodies on floors but other than that the weather was OUTRAGEOUS. 

My coat, somehow, ended up on the floor, covered in booze. I had to brave the storms home in a sparkly leopard print cardigan and skeleton shoes. 

No photos of those (Sorry Bartlam) YET! I'm actually blogging from my mobile telephone whilst listening to Dream Theater and Queensryche (Geoff Tate) duetting on 'Comfortably Numb'. 

I wish Geoff would play nicely. 

Watched Avengers last night. Thor is so cool. Whilst I'm an Iron Man fan I think Thor was my favourite, Captain America was at the bottom. Sorry. 

So yeah!

I'll write better soon. I miss Google Reader and having a decent laptop. 

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