Friday, 4 October 2013

The Demise of the Tablecloth

I was having a good browse in people's handbags via Tumblr and made a rather boring  interesting observation.  When people display the contents of their bags or what they would save if their house was burning down, look at what they lay their stuff on.

Americans seem to favour the mat on a wooden floor whilst the Europeans are inclined to lay their precious items on cloths or blankets.

Which brings me to my question;

Where are the tablecloths!

Exactly! Where are they? Does no-one use a tablecloth anymore? Why? I fear it could be a lot to do with the decline in family dinner around the table. I remember reading somewhere that a percentage of families don't even have tables preferring, instead, to use their knees.

Anyway let's take a moment to remember the fabulousness that was the daily tablecloth with images from Google:

Gaudy but perfect for hiding those gravy stains

This is an example of how serious the tablecloth was.
Ah! The oilcloth. Perfect for people like me who are prolific messy eaters.
The beautifully draped tablecloth, familiar at weddings and floor length to hide the horrors that lie beneath - the no-screws-required MDF job.
Ah oui! A common sight in (French-style) bistros everywhere!

And there you have it.  Take a moment to remember the once popular tablecloth.


  1. love the first one! at home we use tablecloths all the time, especially Christmas where we took out our special and fancy ones!

    1. We did until fairly recently. At Christmas. Not sure why it stopped :( I like tablecloths! Good for you!