Saturday, 29 June 2013

Saturday Night's Alright For Classical Music (and Scanners)

It's Saturday night and I'm drinking iced lattes and listening to classical.  I'd rather be listening to Glen Campbell but I'm trying to keep Penny calm.

We went to the park to hand over some secret stuff with Hey Homewrecker! And The Big Lad.  Mission accomplished and we started wandering round kicking a ball for Penny who wasn't interested.

Pen got home absolutely exhausted and wanted out into the back garden to PLAY BALL!!!


Hence the classical, (Bagatelle in A Minor, WoO59, "Fur Elise")

There is a lovely little cottage on the corner and the wee lady who lives there had always kept her garden immaculate.

I love these:

These are actually more of a deeper purple than shown.  Really, really stunning. They're like aubergine in paint format if you know what I mean.

Here she is, out for the count, silence is all mine.  Going to go and finish off 'The Psychopath Test' by Jon Ronson. I shall be judging everybody by how I think they would do on the Hare test.

'Scanners' is on Film4 at 11.05pm. 

I love today!

Later lovelies!


  1. Penny looks knackered! he classical music must have worked a treat, I'll have to read that book, would it make good holiday reading?

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  3. I replied. Google crashed. It was very good! I enjoyed it. Try 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood if you haven't already. Strange book. 'Kane and Abel' by Jeffrey Archer is good! I have that also if you want. Alternatively, come up and pick from my library :D

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  5. Lovely flowers. Funny thing, one point this week, I was like- man, I LOVE flowers! They are always so beautiful. Look like a great day for you, story with Penny is hilarious.

    Here at Germany, whee! Going to explore all weekend and start doing some art on Monday. Have a lovely weekend, girl xx

  6. pup looks like shes enjoying the weather :)x