Saturday, 15 June 2013

G8 and the Weather

HELLO my fellow readers!

The weekend before the G8 summit has arrived. There have been records of planned protests but fairly quiet so far.

IMAGINE! Vladmir Putin in our country! I am in awe of the powers that will be here. I won't voice my political opinion but G8 is as powerful as they come unless you count the mysterious Bilderberg group.

Anyway, since I work in the centre of town, we have been instructed to 'work from home' on Monday.  I was on annual leave anyway but decided to 'work' instead.

SO here I am, Saturday evening, just worked for 3 hours and our summer has been and gone.  We had two weeks of extreme heat and sun (maximum was 22 or something).  The rain has returned and I have discovered the joy of Iced Lattes with a dash of sugar cane syrup.  

Series 3 of Real Housewives of Atlanta has also started so I'm in  Seventh Heaven.

I have also started reading GAME OF THRONES.  Finally my curiosity got the better of me but I have to read it as an ebook because I have issues with enormous books. I develop classic avoidance syndrome.  I feel claustrophobic, suffocated, overwhelmed by books over 300 pages.  I  have ADHD with big books. Well, the AD part anyway. Can't say I've ever been hyperactive when it comes to reading. I'm normally lying down under a blanket when in contact with a book.

Off to watch a documentary about people who have, allegedly, been abducted by aliens.

Have you ever been abducted? Alien or otherwise?

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