Monday, 3 June 2013

I'm On A Roll

So, chocolate eclairs and fabulous photographs aside, I shall briefly report on the "Continental Market" that landed in Belfast on the Bank Holiday weekend just gone.

If you like food it was good, if you like buying random things it was wick (N.I term for rubbish).  Plenty of stalls from Northern Ireland there with miserable faces behind them. The Europeans were lovely in comparison.

There was a Dog accessory stall selling fab things:


Lovely Dog Jumpers

Chavvy Dog Caps

Penny modelling her new bag

And her new Cowboy hat

A good few buys. The best purchase for me was bubblegum ice-cream. Full of glorious e-numbers and god knows what else.

10-4 xoxo

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  1. Penny cuts a fine figure in her new COWBOY HAT!!! YEE HAW! LOVE IT!! I went to the french bar for a white wine and they were SO friendly :)