Tuesday, 25 June 2013


So I went to the Market on SATURDAY to visit a couple of stalls.

St George's market is indoors and sells everything except live animals. Hey Homewrecker and Stray Jewellery both have stalls there so I just had to go. HeyHomewrecker! makes lots of things using genuine vintage fabric. Not eBay 'vintage' (that really annoys me) and now that Deborah's Cave is nearing completion, I had to go and buy another cushion. 

I love! I bought the purple one and Linda made me the Magic Roundabout one as a room-warming present. So talented. I have just remembered I blogged about it one post ago but no harm in reminding you lovely people! (Oops and not oops because I realize it hasn't appeared. It's lost!)

Stray sells the odd kawaii thing and I adore cuteness. With Hyper Japan coming up in July, I am going to be in my element. 

Sadly Katrina won't be in London when I'm there! So disappointed. I was hoping to have a cemetery companion. Alas, Katrina is actually going to be in Germany for a few months flat sitting. Envious? Me?

Tomorrow, as part of Indian culture week, I'm going to a cooking class.  Something tells me it won't be vegetarian but is free and I'm keen to learn a bit about spices.  I adore Indian food. ADORE!

ANYWAY my tablet is messing about so off to see what its problem is.

I'll leave you with one last thought:

A special shout out to Bartlam, my token American. 



  1. I LOVE markets. I do need to go them more often though, discovering them cute gems.

    Ahh fingers crossed we will meet soon, this year at least. Would love to get know you more, you are awesome already! x