Sunday, 27 January 2013

I love presents

I love getting presents from myself and from others and I love giving people presents  so everybody is a winner in my book!

This week I received a few things and they are fabulous:

From the talented Hey Homewrecker! I got this fabulous frame:

How fab is this. I love it!!! I bought it from the Etsy shop.

A belated Christmas present as it had to come all the way from America:

Picture doesn't do it justice. I love sparkle. Not in glitter form as I am somewhat glitter-phobic but in stone/gem form.

My twin really surprised me and got me the coolest bag ever from a London market.  If it does not evoke bag envy....a 2-D bag.


P.S forget which sites you signed up to and receive too many emails from them? The answer is I love this. Great idea!


  1. OOH! Love the ring xI bought one yesterday in the Rusty Zip, a ridculous gem heart

  2. That bag is actually 2D?! It does really trick my eyes. Had to click on the photo, enlarge and observe slowly!

    The frame is just adorable!xx