Thursday, 3 January 2013

And a really HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Abandoned Santa 

Greetings my fellow beings! I decided to dust down my notevensixmonthsold netbook and write a little entry to keep you ticking over.  Christmas is still happening until 6th January so our decorations are still up. The tree is shedding needles but it just needs to hang on in there for a few more days.

Christmas day itself was delightful - I was totally spoilt and I loved every minute of it. Linda of Hey Homewrecker! MADE ME CAT SHOES!

Are these not amazing. I own bespoke shoes. Something I never thought would be possible.  My Cat Shoes even have whiskers. I look forward to the dry weather returning and wearing my Cat Shoes every day.

4 other pairs of shoes, not unique, also arrived through the door. I spent Christmas Eve in work and figured I'd 'hit the sales'. I got some new brogues - two pairs, one of which I already have, a pair of yellow and black tiger striped trainers and the piece de la resistance, black jelly shoes with.a.heel.  Just call me the forefront of cutting edge fashion.

Christmas in terms of eating and drinking has been remarkable:

I've felt full on numerous occasions. I can't even manage a full bag of Maltesers these days. That's a 'sharing' bag by the way. I went out on the 28th and got so intoxicated I was sick. Suffered terribly for that and remembered why I stay away from alcohol.  Ended up buying a t-shirt and CD, getting a free badge and patch from some bands that were playing. They weren't even that good.

I'm on a mission to get this still as a print - I may have found someone to do it for me. In case you hadn't known already, I am a mega Glen Campbell fan. I don't love him in that way. I just love his songs.

Glen Campbell
I saw this fabulous picture which I am doing to attempt next Thanksgiving even though I'm not American and don't celebrate it:

This is my Mum, in the Sea, on Boxing Day when Penny's ball went out too far for Pen to get.  Mum took her shoes off and waded in in her tights. Mental but Penny was happy. So was I, I was wearing my new Croc Winter Boots and didn't fancy going in. the greatest painting I saw in 2012. It is of Tina Tantrum, a well-known Belfast drag queen and carried a hefty price tag of £1500. I wanted it so bad but my purse wasn't full enough for it.  I've managed to get hold of the Artist's phone number so going to beg for a print.

And before I leave you to go and dry my hair, I am on the look out for the offender of this. The most annoying thing for someone who doesn't like JAM or MARMALADE at all, let alone in their butter:

My hair is dry and I am now going to go and tackle the book that is Great Expectations. I am also downloading the Fame soundtrack. It's been in my head for two days and I'm hoping that listening to it from start to finish will banish it.

Any resolutions made for the year ahead?


  1. I don't know which one of you to press charges against but somebody is doing time for those cat shoes...hard time.

    1. Aw Bartlam - are you jel? I love my new shoes! What style of shoe graces your foot?

    2. Maybe...a little.

      Saddle shoes...white-ish sued, brown leather saddle.

      Peerless style.