Friday, 18 January 2013

Amazing debut from Jeff Miller

You know when you read and the book was ok, and you pick up another one and it was just ok too and then you pick up another one and it was so good you didn't want it to end?

Well that happened with 'The Bubble Gum Thief' by Jeff Miller. 

This book just made my week.  It's a crime/thriller (I'm never too sure about genre-lising) and about a skinny Dectective called Dagny Gray and her crime solving skills.  Dagny has some issues, don't they all, but her issues melt into the book seamlessly.  

I loved it so much I've ordered the paperback copy (I read the e-book version.) I got the e-book version by mistake. Best mistake I've ever made to be honest. I can't see anything topping it either in terms of mistakes.

Anyway, I praised the book three times (while I was reading it) on Good Reads. Jeff happens to be a member too and thanked me for my lovely comments.  I'd love to say I was brown-nosing but I honestly loved the book. It was a breath of fresh air.  I look forward to the sequel.

P.S Bartlam - Jeff is an AMERICAN like you!

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