Saturday, 3 December 2011

You can never have enough bling

Today I went into town with Mum to pick up my 30th birthday present and another ring that I'd sent off for replacement. Bling.

I am loving them. The snake ring is gorgeous but a little prone to losing the odd stone. The skull ring is a pure knuckle duster so don't get gobby with me.

On an even better note I received an email on Thursday evening from my new boss to say I am starting my new job on Monday! Cue panic clothes buying. Just need to get my shoes polished the 'old way' by Dad and I'm set to go.

I called into Stray Jewellery (best shop in town) and bought a plush mobile holder for my new desk:

I'll be calling into Stray again soon to pick up photo holders, pens and pen bins and everything else in there. Best shop. I swear. I am mad about kawaii toys and this shop sells just enough to satisfy my obsession.

Now it's time to go and faff. I only have precious few hours left before my early morning start on Monday.

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