Sunday, 27 November 2011

Quiz Night

I went to a quiz night where members of my team included my Mum and Dad. We did ok, finished in *mumbles* place but in our defence the questions were hard. One such example was:

Who am I - Thomas DeCarlo Callaway? I have no idea. (Cee-Lo Green, I just googled)

And most stupid question of the night:

Q - Who is oldest: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?

We all picked one or the other.

A- the same, they're twins.

What kind of retarded answer is that. Did they both come out at exactly the same time?

I can actually, 100%, swear that this is impossible, what with being a twin myself and a grand 6 minutes older.

All in all was a good night and lots of money was raised for Catherine's event and I'll be swotting up for the next event.

Who's with me?

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