Saturday, 17 December 2011

'Tis the Season to be jolly..

Christmas day is looming and I couldn't be more excited. Even Penny is in on it:

I haven't got a Christmas Tree in my room this year but I lent Andrew my sole fairy for his tree:

and as his tree was looking a little bare I bought him this:

Paperchase had some brilliant tree decorations but unfortunately I have a serious phobia of glitter and had to avoid them. Glitter is not the best thing to have a phobia of. Even trying to buy Christmas cards that were free from glitter was a nightmare. It's on everything and everyone and it makes me feel very nervous. When I rule the world glitter will be completely and utterly banned. I'd rather play in a leaking nuclear plant.

Hope everybody is almost ready to celebrate the JOYS OF CHRISTMAS *shrieks*

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  1. Wee Penny! in her christmas coat, SO CUTE!!