Monday, 27 August 2012

The end of the 'Summer'

This summer has been somewhat a bit of a wash-out but I'm glad because my favourite season is upon us: AUTUMN!

Finally the shops sell clothes in colours I can actually wear and with enough material to cover my bottom and other body parts. This week I have been living in my harem pants (not the MC Hammer style - they're extreme - I hear a sigh of relief, I know I have questionable taste) because I had a bit of an accident involving a kerb a week ago.

I was up at the crack of dawn to hail the bus to Derry (1 hr 45 minutes away) for a meeting. I managed to navigate a scary wet leaf strewn pathway that felt never ending and made it to the dry side of the road and then I fell off a kerb.

It my defence the kerb was slightly higher than your regular kerb (sidewalk) and I was wearing sensible shoes. I managed to rip a hole in the knee of my favourite jeans (and in my knee) and make my ankle, on the other leg, swell up to x times the normal size. Thankfully it didn't break but the pain was something else and I have had some impressive bruising and an inability to wear shoes.  I won't wear jeans if I can help it because my knee hurts.

It's my fault for slow recovery though, I haven't been resting it, elevating it or comforting it (the ankle) but I haven't been able to. Today I am lying on my bed with my Ikea tray-on-legs and doing things I've put off for ages.

Before I bore all with waffle I add some photos. We all like pictures:

Every time I see this picture I break out in to a Rocky Horror Picture Show song. I do like this though and am looking for print to stick up on the wall if I can find some wall space.

American Gothic - Grant Wood

The injury a week after it happened.  Look at my flip flop mark.  No, my foot isn't dirty (I cleaned it just to check...) it's just bruised.

I do. I like you.

Ooh! Look at that! I went to Belfast Mela yesterday, 'Mela' means 'to meet'. Plenty of food and entertainment. Queued to get some henna. Looks like a smiling half bee/half lion thing. I know, I know, isn't the ring beautiful.  Thomas Sabo if you're asking.

This week I'm reading Hanif Kureishi's 'Buddha in Suburbia' and my playlist consists of Phil Collins, The Misfits, Joe Bonnamassa and X-Ray Spex. French tv series 'Spiral' is my choice of DVD box set and for some reason 'Revenge', an American TV show that's on at the moment. I just HAVE to know what happens to the Graysons.

I must get you to watch 'The Revolution will be Televised' on BBC3 (USA - can you get BBC iPlayer over there? It's very very funny). Look out for Dale Maily.

Peace out Space Cadets xxx


  1. Stop tellin' stories. We know you're rockin' the gold lame puff pants...with sparkles and neon green socks and jelly shoes.

    Ankle injuries can be awful and certain kinds of sprains can be worse than a break. Looks like you did a number on that dirty foot there.


    Stay off of it and get better.

  2. OH! Your poor foot! That looks so sore! flip flops should come with a warning Itripped up the stairs wearing mine the other day while bringing tj=he hoover up, sore! snake ring is fabulous! You getting through that pile of books you bought xx

  3. Damn, you know me too well Bartlam. Must remove the lurid green nail polish too. I look like I've picked up some new disease.

    Linda - flip flops are evil but it was either those or fluffy slippers all week. The latter would have been heaven.y foot was so fat an swollen the bruise formed around the strap bits. Oddly cool. Looking forwards to getting to wear shoes again though. Keeps the toes warm.