Friday, 31 August 2012

Compliments get you everywhere

My new BFF:

The Young Bridget Jones - K showered me with compliments and my ego grew faster than the speed of light.

Source: ilianidolphin.blogspot

Follow this lady - her nose piercing makes me jel. My sideofmouthlipthing is so pass√© now.

Also follow:  Hey Homewrecker, Flimsy Cups, Thrift Shop Commando and OF COURSE for cat lovers all around: Cat Versus Human.

Off to eat some processed food now.


  1. Thank you for the endorsement big Ma'am.

    Always glad to see you pop up over there...and always happy to read about your latest shenanigans.

  2. Well Bartlam, you secretly love my socks and sandals combination so you deserve a mention all the time.

  3. The Jelly Shoes were such a bold statement.