Thursday, 9 February 2012

Liberating Cacti

I recently came across a distressed looking Cactus at a place I was at for a few days (names and places omitted for fear of prosecution) and found myself enraged at the blatant abuse. was my last day at the secret location and with the help of a polystyrene cup I rescued, the aptly named, Lazarus.

Here is the poor soul  but he's in safe hands now.

Occupy  Belfast are still occupying the (privately owned) Bank of  Ireland Building. I hope they're not wrecking the inside of it though, I love this building design.  Imagine living in it.

I do like the Sheriff in one of the windows though - that made me chuckle.

But most of all, I LOVE this retro Clarke's Dance Studio sign on Donegall Street. There is a new, flappy plastic thing below it advertising Zumba class. I'd rather do old school Disco to be honest.

My adventures are over for the time being. Working a 6-day week so being as lazy as humanly possible when I'm home in the evenings. Anybody want to volunteer to walk Penny?

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